Chillington Canterbury Fork Hoe

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  • Much faster at breaking up soil and weeding than a traditional fork.
  • Right angled blade design makes gravity your friend.
  • Robust traditional tool.
  • Choice of 1.2m & 1.4m handles.
  • A favourite tool in the Quickcrop garden.
  • 5
    Chillington fork

    Best tool I have bought for the allotment. 10x faster digging!


  • 5
    Chillington Canterbury Fork Hoe

    This is the form of digging implement used in much of Africa. It is much more efficient and easier to use that traditional spades, forks, etc. The hoe and handle are strongly made and comfortable to use. Excellent product. If I were not in my 80s and did a lot of gardening I would buy their other implements too.


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