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Our Story

Quickcrop is all about making vegetable growing easy and accessible whether you live in the countryside or the city, whether you want to grow a pot of salad leaves or want to feed your whole family. Have a look at the video opposite to see our garden and learn a little more about our business.

We can show you how to grow the most delicious food with the minimum of effort and enjoy all the great benefits your own fresh food brings.

Quickcrop was set up in 2008 by Andrew Davidson and Niall Mc Allister in a response to the growing interest people have in producing their own food. We love the idea of being somewhat self sufficient with even the small moves we've made in this direction giving us immense satisfaction.

We both moved our families from an urban lifestyle to country living 15 years ago and have tried to make the most of the beautiful Irish countryside where we now live. We both have small farms established where we produce all of our own fruit and vegetables and have some of our own livestock. We have built up a level of knowledge and expertise from trial and error in our own gardens and that is essentially what Quickcrop is all about. We supply all the stuff we use in our own gardens, after all if we know it works for us, we're confident it'll work for you.

Our gardens all flourish in a natural organic way, we don't use any artificial pesticides or plant feeds and can show you why you don't need to either. We believe the healthiest and best tasting food grow in the best soils, it is the key to successful organic growing. We can help you improve your gardens so you can grow strong and vigourous plants which aren't prone to attack from pests and diseases.


We’ve sourced and produced the right raw materials to make sure you have a great crop whether it is an urban balcony or large rural garden. So go on, get growing, it's fun, rewarding and healthy. We'll hold your hand to get you started and soon you'll be producing your very own healthy and flavoursome for you and your family to enjoy.

Remember we're always easy to contact whether you want advice on some of our products or just need some help with your garden. We put in the time in our own gardens so have a good understanding of any problems you might be facing and are confident we'll have the solution to get you going again. Feel free to contact us at any time, we'll always be delighted to hear from you.

We look forward to hearing from you!