Wood Splitting Maul with Hickory Handle

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  • Our maul has a countoured hickory handle - perfect for comfortably delivering powerful strikes and can split logs in one swoop. 
  • A mauls thick head is used for splitting logs into kindling thats perfect for firewood.
  • We stock these wood splitting mauls in 2 different sizes; the 3lb and the 6lb.
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    Wood Splitting Maul with Hickory Handle

    We purchase a large quantity of kiln dried logs every year for our stove and generally they are already cut to size, but since the arrival of our pizza oven, and the need to convert some logs to kindling, I had to chop down the logs further still. A hatchet was making really hard work of it and so I purchased this maul from my trusted 'all things garden' supplier Quickcrop. I have not been disappointed - a tool of really high quality, which is always a good start to making life easier, but that classic maul shape just splits logs with such minimal ease that you get through a pile in next to no time and it's actually quite 'therapeutic' too. There is nothing that I don't like about this product and I highly recommend.

    D Birnie

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    Wood Splitting Maul with Hickory Handle

    Best maul i have ever bought.

    John Mc Govern

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    Wood Splitting Maul with Hickory Handle

    You may wonder why bother with a maul if you already have an axe. Well let me say that the maul is far superior to the axe when cutting wood. I used to spend hours chopping my logs into kindling but thanks to this I get it done in a quarter of the time. Great handle and it really does make short work of any pile of timber. My son even enjoys chopping up the wood with it.

    Nigel Davis

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