Soil Warming Cable - Biogreen - 6m, 10m 25m

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  • Soil warming cable in a variety of lengths.
  • Perfect for raised beds, cold frames and for propagating seeds and cuttings on a heated propagation bench.
  • Can be used with our Soil Warming Cable Thermostat.
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    Bio Green 10nt soil warming cable

    A good product but let down by fixing the three pin plug directly to the heating cable which makes it awkward to connect to a power supply, a meter of cold cable would be better, it looks like a bit of cost cutting

    David Harwood

  • 5
    Works very well

    Can't fault

    Martin Odisa

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    Soil Warming Cable - Biogreen - 6m, 10m 25m

    I think Ive worked this out from the video, the questions and the description but how to work out the length of cable needed should be made easier. The instructions that come with the cable state a 10 m cable heats 1.6 sq metres. This just doesn't fit with the advice on the video and q/a's, which work out at nearer 0.8 sq m for a 10 m cable (with loops 7 cm apart). I will stick with your advice rather than the manufacturers instructions

    Tim Manners

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    Soil Warming Cable - Biogreen - 6m, 10m 25m

    The first metre of the cable is a non-heating lead in, so the 6 metres is only actually five useful metres, the ten is nine and so on. On the other hand the plug is, happily, a three-pin Irish one not the continental.

    Norman Steele

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    Soil Warming Cable - Biogreen - 6m, 10m 25m

    This was easy to set up and is working a treat. Seedlings are popping up and there's nearly a 100% success rate. And my house has not been taken over by plants as it's all happening in the tunnel. Only downside: because I went for the biggest size, the propagator is huge and too heavy to be moved so it will have to be dismantled once I'm not using it during the summer. Pain!


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    Soil Warming Cable - Biogreen - 6m, 10m 25m

    Delighted with the product. We have it up and running very simple, came with Irish 3pin plug which we plugged into digital temperature controller. Many thanks for the prompt delivery

    Meath Gerdener

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    Soil Warming Cable - Biogreen - 6m, 10m 25m

    Everything was 100% to our satisfaction. We would be delighted to do business on a regular basis again in the future.


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    Soil Warming Cable - Biogreen - 6m, 10m 25m

    I bought a 40 foot Parasene Soil Warming Cable recently. I cannot comment on the efficiency of it as I was unable to attach it to the Parasene Thermostat, bought at the same time - both items costing €150 plus postage! The problem was with the instruction on how to connect the Warming Cable to the Thermostat. The instruction stated "feed the end of the soil warming cable through ...". The assumption I (and 2 others helping me) made was that the END of the cable was the opposite end to the one on which the plug was attached. To "feed the end ... " I had to cut a piece off the cable (despite the instructions saying not to cut it)- there was no other way to attach the warming wire to the thermostat. Having cut the warming wire, I saw that there were only two wires within it clearly not intended for attaching to the Thermostat. Having phoned the supplier (Quickcrop) I was told that I should have taken the plug off the Warming Wire and used the plug end to attach th

    Liz Franklin

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    Soil Warming Cable - Biogreen - 6m, 10m 25m

    I am delighted with my new soil warming cable and have it all set up in my new propagator table now thanks to my creative husband and of course to Quickcrop for their super fast delivery!


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