Component Parts for Mini Polytunnel Kits

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  • bracket for making a crop protection garden cloche
    Centre Tube Support
  • mini polytunnle corner bracket
    Corner Tube Support
  • garden cloche cover fixing washers
    Screws & Washers For Mini Polytunnels
  • T Bracket to join joists to front and back timbers in longer mini polytunnels
    T Bracket for Mini Polytunnel
  • Steel corner bracket for joining corner timbers of mini polytunnel
    Steel Corner Bracket for Mini Polytunnel
  • Pressure treated timber for mini polytunnels frame
    5x5 Timber 1.8m (6ft ) Length
  • Treated timber for mini polytunnel frames
    5x5 Timber 1.2m (4ft ) Length
  • 3ft timber lengths for min polytunnels
    5x5 Timber 90cm (3ft) Length
  • Butterfly and Bird Netting 10m x 2m - 7mm x 7mm Mesh
    Butterfly and Bird Netting 10m x 2m - 7mm x 7mm Mesh
  • Commercial grade polytunnel plastic
    Polythene 2.8m x 4.0m
  • polythene for mini polytunnel kit
    Polythene 8x4 Size
  • enviromesh insect protection
    Mini Tunnel Enviromesh
  • 25mm tubing for mini tunnel garden cloche
    Tubing 120cm lengths
  • crop protection cloche component
    Tube Connectors
  • vegetable growing cloche securing system
    6 Fixing Eyes and Pegs
  • hinge for mini polytunnle garden cloche
    2 Vent Props

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    Mini Polytunnel Builder - Order Individual Component Parts


    G M

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    Very happy with this.

    I'm very pleased with this system. I would suggest though that for anything bigger than 6'x3' that angle brackets should also be used as a 6'x4' or bigger frame will put a lot of strain on the plastic corner pieces. Alternatively you could screw the timber together. If the frame is hinged to a bed you will snap the corner pieces when you open the frame if those hinges seize up or become bound.

    Don Foley

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    Good Customer Service

    Delighted with my purchase, the speed of delivery and most of all the after-sales service. The Quickcrop staff could not have been more helpful or professional in resolving a small issue I encountered. It’s great to know that any problems that may arise will be sorted without any drama.

    Ted Laffey

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    bought to fit, worked well enough

    I bought separate components for a 4'x4'. They are relatively easy to fit, but beware they are plastic. When I was fitting some tubing into a centre tube support I noticed a slight crack appear in the support bracket. Similarly one or two of the net fasteners cracked when using and electric screwdriver- so watch the torque. End result looks ok and should serve its purpose of keeping birds out of the seedlings.

    Michael Moody