Tube Connectors

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  • Tube Connectors
  • Moulded heavy duty plastic connectors to join 25mm mini polytunnel tubing
  • Used along the top of a mini tunnel to join the side ribs and create the central spine of the structure
  • All other Mini-polytunnel components also available
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    Makes more sturdy


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    Loop Conecter

    Great product great service


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    Tube Connectors

    No complaints about the service, what annoys me is that in 2018 the first reviewer highlighted an issue regarding one pair of ends being marginally too large to fit 25mm pipes and two years on (Nov 2020) the issue still exists. Fortunately I was able to remedy this before using them on my allotment.

    Paul Hopkins

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    Tube Connectors

    Two of the opposing ends have a slightly larger diameter than the other two opposing ends ... therefore two of them fitted the tubing and the other two needed a blow-torch applied to the tubing to enable them to fit! Bad quality control!

    David Howard

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    Tube Connectors

    Great idea: disappointing and hence costly in practice The lugs vary in size, but most are simply too big. Even with lubrication and determination, and knowing that one needs a reasonably tight fit, 25 mm pipe and these connectors are not a match. Mine have been discarded.

    B. Freeman

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    Tube Connectors

    Used these to connect 25mm PE water pipe for raised bed cloches.Did the job but did find the diameter of the spud varied from fitting to fitting-some were extremely tight needing lub and some persuasion. Did end up with a neat job.


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    Tube Connectors

    Really happy with the whole kit, with one exception. The tube connectors have connections with different diameters. The tubing slides on nicely on two sides but brute force is needed to get the tubes onto the opposite sides. Makes no sense that all four connections are not the same


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