Hotbin Composter - Hot Compost Bin 200 Litres

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  • The Hotbin Mark II Composter works over 30 times faster than a regular compost bin by heating up your household and garden waste to 60 degrees Celsius
  • The model has a 200 Litre capacity to suit a 3-4 person household
  • Create your own compost in just 30 - 90 days
  • Includes 1 x lid thermometer, 1 x kick-start bottle, 1 x internal thermometer, 1 x raking stick, 1 x cam strap and bulking agent
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    Hotbin Composter

    Very happy with this purchase. I had some issues at the start in getting the mix right but was helped by Niall and his team with great patience until I got going. Very happy with the product, excellent customer service.

    Michael Brayden

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    Hotbin Composter - Hot Compost Bin 200 Litres

    You can buy a lot of compost for £185. Save your money and make your own composter out of wood and [leftover?] roofing/loft insulation.


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    Hotbin Composter - Hot Compost Bin 200 Litres

    Have not had this Composter long enough for a meaningful review. It seems however that it may not stand up to unprotected exposure to severe weather unless protected by nearby walls or sturdy fences of some kind.


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    Hotbin Composter - Hot Compost Bin 200 Litres

    Having struggled making compost in the past I bought a Hotbin just before St Patrick's Day. I have a few hens and so with droppings and the bark mulch I use in the run to add to green garden and household waste it's a perfect balance. Very very easy to use, clean and compact. It seems to be at 70deg most of the time so looking forward to great compost!

    Helen OBrien

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    Hotbin Composter - Hot Compost Bin 200 Litres

    I am delighted with my hotbin and also the prompt delivery from Quickcrop. The instructions for using the bin were clear and I'm confident it will work very well. I'm also sure if I encounter any problems I can contact Quickcrop for advice.

    MareeMac Hale

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    Hotbin Composter - Hot Compost Bin 200 Litres

    Only started using it but so far its taken all my vegetable and fruit waste and I have torn up papers to keep it dry instructions very clear easy to understand and follow. I will know more in a few months happy to let you know then


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