Top 10 Container Garden Vegetables

Top 10 Container Garden Vegetables

You don’t need a massive garden to grow delicious vegetables. Many vegetables can be grown in planters, buckets or bags with great results. Here is our top ten list of trouble-free container friendly vegetables. 

10 Peas With a shallow root system garden peas are well suited to planters but they will need a frame or support.

9 Carrots Choose a deep container. The plant can be raised to avoid the low-flying carrot fly.

8 Courgette The plant that keeps on giving. Make room for those huge leaves. 

7 Kale Cut and come and again all winter. 

6 Chillies Easily grown in a pot on a sunny window sill, conservatory or greenhouse. 

5 Nasturtiums A colourful flower that spreads and climbs, encourages pollinating insects and can even be eaten in salads. 

4 Potatoes Plant early varieties for a June harvest. 

3 Tomatoes Home grown tomatoes thrive in planters and taste so much better than shop bought varieties. 

2 Salad These fast growing plants will quickly make room for successive sowings. 

1 Strawberries Every child’s favourite, these delicious fruits are perfectly suited to container gardening and need very little attention apart from a weekly feed.