Bustaseed Tip Out Propagation Tray

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  • Bustaseed's 35 Cell Tip Out reusable propagation trays are an innovative product that ensures quick and safe removal of plants once ready to pot on or plant out.
  • The open fronted tip out rows allow easy removal and simple monitoring of plant root systems for disease, pests and moisture.
  • The tray inserts are extremely durable and should last years, reducing plastic waste.
  • Dimensions: L 37cm x W 25cm x H 5cm (cell depth).
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    Bustaseed Tip Out Propagation Tray

    I cannot praise these Bustaseed trays highly enough. As soon as you pick them up you can feel that they are substantial and should last a long time. These have been designed to make dealing with cuttings, seed sowing and pricking out very straightforward. My gripe with propagation trays has always been that if some seeds in a row grow quicker than others, I cannot always remove the strips with the slower growing seeds, but with this product it is very easy to simply lift out the strip and replace it with either another sown strip or a blank one. At one end there is a space where you can pour water, thus enabling watering from the bottom. You just need to remember when filling the cells with compost, that you need to place your hand at the end where the gap is, to prevent compost from falling into the end opening. This is a very minor point and if you have a number of these trays, you could simply cut a piece of wood or heavy card to fit, to hold there whilst adding the compost. The kit comes with a clear top cover, which when not required sits underneath the tray neatly, making stacking easier. I would really like to see another version developed with deeper cells. I thoroughly recommend this product.

    S Stevens

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