The Incredible Hungry Bin Worm Composter

The Incredible Hungry Bin Worm Composter

One of the best (and the most fun) ways to make compost is back! Innovators that we are, we had taken in a small stock of these sturdy compost bins last year but due to problems with the European distributor we were unable to get any more.

The 'Hungry Bin' is designed and made in New Zealand and is a relatively new product on the European market, it was quite a convoluted route for us to get them. I am a big fan of this system so am delighted to inform you that Niall has imported a full shipping container directly from NZ and secured Quickcrop as sole UK agents.

Hungry bin composting wormery

What is the Hungry Bin? The Hungry Bin is the best worm composting solution and, if you want the most nutritious compost, is probably the best compost bin on the market. Worm compost has higher nutrient levels than compost made without worms and will be of a finer consistency. Worm casts are the optimal soil enricher; they contain balanced easily absorbed nutrients for your plants as well as improving structure and water retention in your soil.

The Hungry Bin is a unique worm bin design as there are no trays to change and requires very little maintenance. The conical shape has been designed to compress the wormcast compost towards the base of the bin. This mimics natural soil pressure and encourages the worms to stay at the top. Higher concentrations of worms where the food is means it break down quicker but it also leaves the worm castings at the bottom virtually worm free.

Emptying hungry bin domestic wormery

Harvesting the finished compost couldn't be easier either. The base is simply unclipped to allow a 'brick' of compost to be removed. The tapered shape keeps the compost above in place while you snap the tray back on.

The bin is also prevented from getting too wet by the drain holes in the collection tray. The liquid plant feed produced by the worms drains into a drip tray below the bin where it can be collected and used around the garden.

Hungry bin wormery on balcony

The Hungry Bin is a sturdy and very well made composting option. It is manufactured from the same tough plastic as a wheelie bin and is quick and easy to assemble. It is also as easy to move around as a wheelie bin so can be placed where you need it most or moved undercover in Winter. We think this is an excellent design that takes the complications out of worm farming and turns into an accessible composting solution for everyone.

The Hungry Bin kit can be assembled in 15 mins and used anywhere including gardens, patio areas and apartment balconies. It will convert large volumes of kitchen waste into top grade compost while significantly reducing the amount of waste that goes into your bin. This is the first product we have seen that is large enough to move worm composting from a hobby to a viable family waste processing solution.