Mypex Weed Control Fabric 1.5m wide

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  • 1.5m membrane suppresses weeds by blocking light, only allowing nutrients and water to reach the plants.
  • Offers plants protection from extreme temperatures while keeping the ground moist to reduce the need for watering.
  • Hard wearing landscape fabric is UV protected to last years. 
  • Available in 4 different sizes - see below.
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    Moped weed control fabric 1.5 m wide

    Quick and efficient delivery, ideal size for what I want it for.


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    Mypex Weed Control Fabric 1.5m wide

    Love this product. Hoping it will save my allotment from the dreaded scucthgrass.


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    Mypex Weed Control Fabric 1.5m wide


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    Mypex Weed Control Fabric 1.5m wide

    Very pleases with the Mypex fabric received recently. It is water permeable unlike fabric I previously bought. It is therefore just right for laying under a gravel path in order to prevent weed growth but let excess water seep down below the gravel. It is easy to cut with a Stanley knife or scissors. If it succeeds in this it will be five star. I think it will achieve this rating.


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    Mypex Weed Control Fabric 1.5m wide

    Good ground cover for stopping weeds and preparing ground for spring.

    John Forristal

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