Micromesh Bulk Roll 1.8m

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  • Bulk rolls of Micromesh garden mesh netting for pest control.
  • Keeps the majority of garden pests like carrot flies, flea beetles and aphids out while allowing air and water in.
  • 1.8 metres wide and available in 5 different lengths.
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    Micromesh Bulk Roll 1.8m

    Exactly as described.

    Thom Grennan

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    Micromesh Bulk Roll 1.8m

    I have used this product for a few years now and it is still as good as ever. My garden is in a windy location so I cover most beds with this - hoops to make a sort of a tunnel - in the early months of the growing season. It is a great help to the young plants I leave it on all the time on the carrots and cabbages. At this stage, I can't imagine how I would grow brassicas with out it.

    John L

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    Micromesh Bulk Roll 1.8m

    Micromesh Bulk Roll is very useful to keep out unwanted carrot root flies etc.


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    Micromesh Bulk Roll 1.8m

    I bought it to save my carrots from the carrot root fly then realised it should work on my brassicas too so bought a second one as well. Works perfectly, no pest issues on these crops at all this year.The material seems to be of a very good quality, strong and durable. Highly recommended, will definitely buy more later on.

    and Victoria

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