Complete Mini Polytunnel Kit With Poly Cover

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  • Mini polytunnels can be fixed to raised beds to create a compact growhouse, fixed to the ground with our peg system or used inside a full sized tunnel to create a heat retaining double glazing effect.
  • This kit comes with everything you need to make a small polytunnel including all the fixings and the polythene cover.
  • Build a tunnel in 30 mins which will last you for many years!
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    Complete Mini Polytunnel Kit With Poly Cover

    This is a nice idea and the tunnel is a neat and pleasing addition to the garden once assembled. However, the kit needs some work. The 'complete kit' does not include hinges to attach the polytunnel lid piece to the raised bed, as shown in the picture. This is misleading. The plastic corner pieces for inserting the tubes are also the only way the wood is attached (based on the instructions and materials supplied). This might be fine it it was just sitting on the ground but if you want to move the tunnel at all (e.g. using it as a lid that you lift) the wood pulls apart on the underside and risks breaking the plastic. We used wood glue and a staple gun to solve but 4 long screws and instructions should be provided so the timbers are fixed firmly together at the corners (or else some metal angle braces). The instructions are also inaccurate on the use and positioning of the plastic pieces for attaching the polythene and our kit was missing the 20 screws needed to attach them. The piping


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