How To Grow Winter Savory

How To Grow Winter Savory

Winter Savory is part of the Lamiaceae family, it is not used as much as summer savory anymore because of its more bitter taste. As well as many medicinal properties, winter savory goes great with meat and poultry dishes and is an excellent addition to stuffings. The plant has oval to lanceolate leaves with white flowers. Because it helps reduce mildew and keep aphids and bean weevils away it makes a great companion for bean plants.

Where To Grow

Winter Savory needs about 6 hours a day of sun. Plant in rich well drained alkaline soil.

Propagating Winter Savory

Spread the seeds on the soil and lightly cover with a fine soil or sand, they require the light to propagate approx 25-30cm apart.

Crop Care

Water regularly as savory tends to be quite a dry plant and cut as needed before the flowers start to bloom. Side dress the plants with a small amount of good compost half way through the growing cycle, it will not require feeding.

Container Growing

Another good one to grow in containers or pots, grow as an annual. The pot needs to be quite wide and at least 15cm deep