How To Grow Tarragon

How To Grow Tarragon

Tarragon is a very easy to grow herb. It has a peppery slightly anise flavour to it. This is a much used herb as it goes well with most types of dish.

Site and Soil
Plant in a sunny or partially shaded area, use well drained sandy soil with added organic matter

Plant to Harvest Time
Ten Weeks

Planting and Plant Care

Tarragon is a hardy and drought tolerant herb best suited to a cool to warm climate. Plant in some well drained soil with added organic matter. Tarragon plants need to be watered very often when first planted, with less watering needed during the winter. Fertilize early in spring and add a good complete plant food. Add mulch to provide protection in the winter months as the tarragon plant will die back and lie dormant.


During the summer carefully pick the leaves, as they bruise quite easily. Like most herbs Tarragon is best used fresh, it loses its colour and flavour when dried.