How To Grow Summer Savory

How To Grow Summer Savory

Summer Savory is probably the most used of the savory species, part of the Lamiaceae family it is closely related to rosemary and thyme. It is not as bitter tasting as winter savory and as such is used more. While it does have quite a sharp taste, a little bit of this added to soups, salads or meat dishes will go a long way. Summer savory is fairly easy to grow making it a great addition to the kitchen herb garden.

Where To Grow

Grow in an area of full sun in organically rich soil with a small amount of compost added in. If growing inside place on a windowsill that gets plenty of sunshine.


Plant approx 20-25cm apart, as they grow make sure they still have about 15cm between the rows as they can grow quite bushy. The seedlings can be thinned back at any stage and the trimmings can be used at virtually any time.

Plant Care

Keep well watered as Summer Savory plants tend to dry out rather easily. 

Container Growing

This is a great herb to grow indoors in containers, they are easy to grow and maintain. Keep a layer of stones at the bottom of the container under the soil to facilitate drainage, and keep well watered. Over-watering is easy with seedlings, it should suffice to just make sure the soil remains moist.