How To Grow Sorrel

How To Grow Sorrel

Garden Sorrel, also known as Spinach Dock or Narrow Leaved Dock, is a commonly grown herb or leaf vegetable, it has tall juicy stems and edible oblong leaves. Sorrel has a sharp almost sour taste and can be added to salads or used in soups and sauces

Site and Soil
Plant in a sunny or semi shaded area, use a light soil of average richness

Planting and Care
Sow sorrel seeds in the spring.

When sorrel reaches the seedling stage it needs plenty of space for strong growth, thin out to approx 35cm. Promote strong leaf growth by adding rotted animal manure to the soil. Water very regularily to prevent wilting.  Use a high nitrogen liquid fertilizer. Snails and slugs are very fond of Sorrel so use some slug traps or equivelant.

Harvesting Sorrel

Pick the leaves frequently to prevent the plant from becoming unproductive.