How To Grow Mint

How To Grow Mint

Mint is an aromatic perennial herb with oblong to lanceolate leaves. Mint plants are easily maintained and if left untended they can spread quite rapidly, making them a rather invasive plant. This invasiveness means they will compete with neighbouring plants for resources and affect them accordingly. This worry isn't a factor when growing in containers as the root growth is restricted.

Perennial edible herb

Site and Soil

Deep moist soil, partial shade (mint will dry out in direct sunlight)

Plant to Harvest Time

Two months

Where To Grow Mint

Mint needs a deep moist unfertilized soil as the roots spread quickly. Containers are perfect for mint plants as you needn't worry about the roots spreading under ground. Plant in an area of partial shade.

Propagating Mint

Plant the seedling about 5cm deep and approx 15cm apart. You can use root division to stop the plant wandering all over the garden, or alternatively plant in containers.

Care of Mint

Water mint plants frequently making sure the soil is always damp, be careful not to over water. The more sun the plant is getting the more watering it will need. Keep the plant trimmed to prevent it growing too tall, this will also persuade the plant to grow more leaves around the sides.

Pests are usually not an issue with mint as the strong minty odour repels pests.

Container Growing mint

Mint is more suited to container growing as the vigorous root system spreads rapidly throughout the garden if left unchecked and will suffocate other plants. Plant in a container without other plants.