How to Grow Chervil

How to Grow Chervil

Chervil is a very under-rated and under-used herb. It has a very refreshing and slightly aniseed like taste. It's dark green leaves make the perfect addition to any salad.  The entirety of the plant can be used in various dishes.

Annual edible herb

Site and Soil
Moist soil with good drainage, sun or partial shade

Plant to Harvest Time
Two months

Where To Grow Chervil

Chervil needs a fairly rich soil which has good drainage but remains moist. It prefers full sun, but also does very well in partial shade.

Propagating Chervil

Sow small amounts every 3 weeks from late March until August. It can be sown directly in the ground or into modular trays (approx 5 seeds per cell). Sow chervil quite shallowly, barely cover with soil and remember to keep the soil moist to enable germination. 

Thin out to about 20cm between plants, once the seedlings start to grow.

Care of Chervil

Chervil likes a good nitrogen rich fertilizer, this helps them grow more leaves. Care should be taken not to over fertilize.

Container Growing Chervil

Chervil is very suited to container growing, it will thrive indoors in pots or containers.