How To Grow Camomile

How To Grow Camomile

Camomile (also spelled Chamomile), it is a herb most commonly used for its relaxing properties, it has long narrow leaves with attractive daisy-like flowers. It is quite an easy plant to grow for both the novice and the well seasoned gardener alike. The word itself is derived from the Greek word for 'earth apple', this is probably because of the apple-like smell of the plant.

How To Grow Camomile Quick Guide

Site and Soil
Sandy well drained soil, Full sun or area with light shade

Plant to Harvest Time
One Month

Where To Grow Camomile
Camomile plants require about 15cm of loose recently hoed soil. Plant in the sun or in a lightly shaded area.

Propagating Camomile

Loosen the soil down to about 15cm deep with a hoe or rake, removing stones and rocks. Add some standard fertilizer if the soil is very poor quality. Flatten the area and water lightly. Spread the camomile seeds over the top of the soil taking care not to cover completely and water.

Bunch of chamomile flowers

Care of Camomile

Water camomile seedlings frequently until the flowers have started to grow, once the plants are established only occasional watering is needed if the weather turns hot. There is no need to add further fertilizer throughout the season as camomile is not a very heavy feeder.

Container Growing Camomile

Camomile grows very well in containers with some well drained soil with added sand. The plants will probably be a bit too large for smaller containers or window herb gardens. Each plant will need approximately a 30cm pot to itself. Camomile seeds very well and a container will help curtail spread.