Why Use A Vitopod Heated Electric Propagator

Why Use A Vitopod Heated Electric Propagator

Why You Should Use A Vitopod Heated Propagator

The award winning Vitopod electric heated seedling propagator provides the perfect environment for seeds, cuttings and overwintering plants. It offers better germination rates than other propagators and is widely used in both plant nurseries and home gardens. Here is a run down of what makes the vitopod the best propagator out there.

Precise control - the Vitopod's thermostat can be set to any 1°C between 5°C and 30°C. The lower temperature settings are ideal for over-wintering cuttings and prized plants, the higher temperatures are great for getting hot chillies and exotic seeds off to a flying start, and the middle temperatures are perfect for everything else. The display on the thermostat shows both the actual and the set temperatures.

Accurate temperature sensor - The Vitopod's temperature sensor which you place inside the propagator is highly sensitive and responds quickly to changes, triggering the supply of more or less heat depending on the reading, so your seeds and cuttings are always at the right temperature.

Large vents in lids and sides - for superior humidity control, so your plants don’t suffer from damping-off.

Even heat - our Vitopod delivers an even heat throughout the base, so there are no hot spots or cold spots and your seeds and cuttings will germinate evenly.

Height adjustable - add the extra layers to transform your Vitopod propagator into a mini greenhouse and give plants more space. Perfect for when the weather is taking its time to warm up enough for you to plant-out and for protecting taller mature plants from the cold.

 Robust - the Vitopod is built to last. The lids and sides are made from a robust acrylic and are treated to protect them against the UV deterioration which makes other propagators turn yellow and brittle. The crystal clear lid and sides mean the Vitopod also looks great.

Whatever you're growing, from aubergines to zucchini and agave to zinnia, you can rely on the Vitopod propagator to provide your plants with the ideal conditions from seed to over-wintering.

You can find our Vitopod propagators and extra height layers here.