The Top 5 Gardening Ideas for Beginners

The Top 5 Gardening Ideas for Beginners

With so many available options causing confusion for novice gardeners here are some simple suggestions for anyone planning to grow vegetables.

Herb Garden Preferably planted close to the kitchen, a herb garden will produce a fragrant display with something tasty to add to every meal. Parsley, basil, tarragon, rosemary and thyme are all easy to grow with very little problems.

Lettuce in a window box

Window Box Garden Cut and come again salads and delicate herbs will love the sunlight and the attention that a window box can provide. Mix marigolds and lettuce for a micro garden that will last all summer.

Raised Beds Beat the backache with the easy to weed option to vegetable gardening. can be assembled wherever the space and situation permits and create the perfect working environment to manage and maintain your soil quality.

Container Garden Perfect for the urban gardener with limited space and a little imagination, planters and containers can introduce an element of versatility to your garden.

Communal Garden Joining forces with a friend or community group will reduce the effort and bring a valuable supply of advice, moral support and infectious enthusiasm. Share the work, share the fun, share the harvest.