Raised Garden Ponds

Raised Garden Ponds

Timber raised ponds can create a beautiful water feature centrepiece for your outdoor garden. With these kits you can have an instant garden pond in your garden, patio, or deck without the need for landscaping. They are great for complementing a raised vegetable garden or for use as a stand alone koi and other fish pond, water plant garden or as a timber water structure for the garden. These ponds are raised above the ground to both eliminate the need for digging a hole and make it safer for children and animals. Raised ponds are essentially a thick timber frame with a strong pond liner to prevent any leakage; they can be placed on any surface from concrete and tarmacadam to paving, earth, and landscaping stones.

Timber bench seat raised garden pond

Raised Pond Borders The raised pond kits we supply all have a wide bull nosed border edge around the top. The border comprises a timber frame that can be fixed on to the top of a conventional raised garden bed or pond to create a level surface perimeter measuring roughly 14cm wide (5.5in).

This wide border edge can be fixed to any existing raised garden bed or pond of the same size. It is perfect for sitting on, arranging pots and containers, attaching a trellis or holding any other raised garden or pond accessories.

Positioning Raised garden ponds can be placed on any surface and, because they are raised, require no excavation with no excess soil. Choose the area for the pond before assembling as they can be quite heavy and difficult to move once assembled. Use a flat, stable surface anywhere in the garden or patio then assemble the kit on or as close to your chosen area as possible. The pond can then be moved into position and before it is filled.

Make sure the ground has no stones or sharp protrusions before attaching the pond liner and filling. If the surface is stony or you are unsure of it, lay down a protective layer of old carpet or at least 2 inches of builders sand in the base. A bed width of four feet is a good rule when it comes to raised ponds as this is the maximum reaching distance advisable for safe working and preventing unnecessary falls.

Water lilly plant in vegeetable garden pond

Aquatic Plants Raised ponds are very easy to maintain and much admired, the extra height makes them more workable to everyone and makes it far less likely to fall in. Aquatic plants can really make a water feature, with a wide range of species to choose from. Typical plants for a garden pond include water iris, dwarf reed and other marginals for the edge of the pond, however everyone's favourite has to be one of the many varieties of the water lily, they may look delicate but they are very tough. Water lilies are grown from tubers that can be planted under the water in pots. The stems grow upwards and produce large round leaves called lily pads with colourful blossoms that float on the surface of the water.

Pond plants should be grown in aquatic compost, topped with grit. Always choose plants that are suited for the space you have available, noting that the required planting depth varies from species to species. Some maintenance of the plants is generally required and are often placed lower in the pond during winter to protect them from frost.

fish in timber garden pond

Fish Pond Once the pond is assembled and full of water, wait a couple of weeks before adding fish to make sure everything is running smoothly and allow the build of a small layer of healthy algae. While the beauty of raised ponds lies in the fact that no digging is required, you can also have a partially raised pond by putting it into the ground a few inches or a foot. This is particularly good for fish ponds during much colder weather as it helps to maintain water temperatures.

The many species of fish suited to pond life in our climate are available from pet shops and aquarium suppliers but you will need a filtration system to keep the water circulating throughout the winter. Some pond fish go into a low energy "stasis" during the colder months and will be fine as long as the water keeps moving.

Frog in garden pond

With a raised garden pond, no matter how small or large, you'll be able to grow aquatic plants with a dramatic show of colour and foliage. This attractive feature will provide useful surface cover and shelter for aquatic wildlife and will inevitably encourage the frog population, the gardener's friend who feeds on slugs and snails. The readily assembled raised bed pond can be used equally as a wildlife sanctuary or as a garden feature, providing a centrepiece or compliment to any garden design. Our range of garden ponds is available