Quickcrop Pond Volume Calculator

Quickcrop Pond Volume Calculator

If you are considering building a garden pond you may want to calculate the volume of water for water treatment or if you intend to introduce fish. Water treatments to clear algae and other issues are added as a percentage to the pond water so knowing the volume is vital to work out the correct dose. A garden pond will also only support a certain amount of fish so knowing how many gallons of water it contains is important. We include a basic pond volume calculator to easily view the volume our best selling ponds and to estimate how many fish they will hold.

To calculate the volume of a rectangular pond simple multiply the length by the width by the depth. We include the volumes below for the most popular Quickcrop wooden raised bed sizes. We have also added the approximate number of goldfish that the volume of water will support based on a average 2 inch fish. Fish sizes will vary depending on the size of the pond so these figures are meant as a guide only.

Raised pond with water lillies

4ft (1.2m) x 4ft (1.2m) Raised Pond

16 inches (42 cm) high = 88 Gallons (400 Litres). 22 inches high (56cm) = 116 Gallons (530 Litres) 26.5 inches high (67cm) = 146 Gallons (665 Litres) = 4 x 2inch goldfish. 32 inches high (81cm) = 175 Gallons (800 Litres) = 6 x 2 inch goldfish.

We do not recommend the shallower 4ft square beds for keeping fish as the volume of water is too small and may get to warm in the Summer or freeze easily in the Winter. The deeper beds will support small amounts of goldfish but please be aware that a mature specimens can reach 12 iches in size, larger fish will need a larger pond.

6ft by 4ft timber garden pond

4ft (1.2m) x 6ft (1.8m) Raised Pond

16.5 inches (42 cm) high = 143 Gallons (650 Litres) = 4 x 2 inch goldfish. 22 inches high (56cm) = 190 Gallons (870 Litres) = 6 x 2 inch goldfish. 26.5 inches high (67cm) = 237 Gallons (1080Litres) = 8 x 2inch goldfish. 32 inches high (81cm) = 285 Gallons (1300 Litres) = 10 x 2 inch goldfish.

The 6ft x 4ft pond is our most popular, it is compact enough to fit in most urban gardens yet large enough to accommodate a school of goldfish and/or a good selection of aquatic plants. All our ponds are very easy to assemble with the majority designed to 'slot and lock' together; fixings are only required to fix the seating frame to the finished structure.

6ft square raised timber pond

6ft (1.8m) x 6ft (1.8m) Raised Pond

16.5 inches (42 cm) high = 233 Gallons (1060 Litres) = 8 x 2 inch goldfish. 22 inches high (56cm) = 308 Gallons (1400 Litres) = 10 x 2 inch goldfish. 26.5 inches high (67cm) = 388 Gallons (1766 Litres) = 12 x 2inch goldfish. 32 inches high (81cm) = 466 Gallons (2120 Litres) = 14 x 2 inch goldfish.

Please be aware that as fish grow they will need a larger volume of water to remain healthy. As fish grow you will need to either increase the size of the pond or transfer the surplus fish to another pond. Many pond owners sell their surplus fish to other water garden enthusiasts through local clubs and associations.

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