The Healthiest Vegetables To Grow at Home

"What are the healthiest vegetables to grow?" is one of those queries we get through our site the most often. We have decided to address some of the most frequently asked questions posed to us by budding gardeners each season, in an effort to make this blog more helpful. Growing your own vegetables is a surefire way to ensure you and your family have access to the freshest, healthiest produce possible. Many resources detailing the health benefits of keeping a garden are readily available both on this site and externally so rather that rehashing the same content, here we will be looking at the most nutritious vegetables to grow in your garden. 
Vegetables are good for you. I know it's a tired old phrase but the fact is that most vegetables are low in calories and high in other things like fibre, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Eating some vegetables at least once a day is important for everybody's health. Studies regularly show that those who eat more veg have a lower likelihood of developing chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers. 
Fruits and vegetables are also essential for providing hydration and increasing digestion. Cucumber and lettuce are 96% water for example, and courgettes, radishes, and celery are each 95% water. These vegetables and more can hydrate more effectively than water as they also provide natural sugars, vitamins, and amino acids that are frequently lost during exercise. Food like this with high water content typically contain very little calories, but with the added benefit of leaving you feeling fuller for longer. There are so many health benefits associated with growing your own vegetables that going into them all here would be a mammoth undertaking, and I think we would all rather be outside. 
We like to think of our vegetable bulbs, plants, and seeds shop as a work in progress: we update the collection with each season and are always searching for exciting and healthy new varieties. The vegetable seeds and plants in our web store have all been chosen as much for their growing success in our climate as for their high yield. A lot of these vitamin and nutrient rich vegetables are low maintenance, and will provide you with a delicious crop year after year. 
Aside from being the healthier choice, the quality, taste, and price have led to a huge increase in those of us growing our own food crops at home. Although I notice it more with fruit, I find with supermarket veg that a lot of the flavour has slowly disappeared over the many years since I was young and the quality and texture also varies wildly. Most of the fresh vegetables in our shops have travelled a very long way from large commercial farms. Vegetables grown in this manner will have the very highest rates of pesticides, as well as the additives and preservatives that have been added to make them look better and last longer on the shelves. 
The advantages of growing your own food over these methods hardly need to be talked about on this blog, but here is our list of the healthiest, most nutritious vegetables to grow at home:
For more information on growing your own and to see what's in stock today, please visit our website. As always, thanks for reading and let us know in the comments what you would add or subtract from the list.