New Quickcrop Timber Raised Pond Designs

New Quickcrop Timber Raised Pond Designs

This week I'm giving you a look at what goes on behind the scenes at the ground breaking Quickcrop Design Bureau. For the last number of weeks we have been working on models of some of our new timber raised pond designs. Yes, I know all this stuff can be worked out on the computer but we like the process of making a cardboard model to get a proper three dimensional feel for what we're working on.

scale model of a timber pond

Unfortunately model making is a bit of a dying art but I love the fact that armed with a stanley knife, some superglue and an old cardboard box you can build pretty much anything you want. We had an outlay of about a fiver to build a number of scale models and now have something we can now put into production and be pretty sure it'll all fit together.

Our new designs are the ultimate in raised timber ponds and will include everything you need straight out of the box including the timber kit, liner, pump, cascade, filter and UV algae cleaner. Unlike any other pond on the market our kits also feature integrated planter cavities around the pool to add ornamental plants and give shape and colour to your water feature. You can see the central cascade (cunningly fashioned from cellophane) and the planters either side in the photos above and below.

Timber raised pond design model

Like our existing ponds the kits also use our incredibly strong slot and lock tongue and groove system; they are quick and easy to put to together with a full installation taking less than a day. We show just how well machined the boards are and how tightly they fit together in our video (included at the bottom of the page) and can guarantee once assembled these ponds will never come apart.

We are very proud of our new kits, they make an excellent DIY garden pond project that looks like it took a lot of skill to build but, in fact, couldn't be simpler. The Slot and Lock boards require no fixings to put them together, you will only need a piece of scrap timber and a mallet to build 95% of the pond kit. We supply clear, simple to follow instructions, it's just like using large pieces of lego.

Press 7000 raised pond pressure pump

Raised Pond Pump and Filter Systems - How do they work?

We have opted for quality in our pump and filtration systems and will be supplying superior Eheim products which are known for reliability and long life. We know you insist on crystal clear water for your fish or aquatic plants so we also insist on the best from our suppliers. All our integrated kits feature the same 5000 litre per hour pump, a sturdy mixed media pressure filter and a 7w UV algae cleaner.

The Pond Pump

The pond pump is needed to take water from the bottom of your pond and pass it through the filter and UV cleaner. If pond water remains still it will quickly become stagnant from lack of oxygen and from the build up of algae. In the natural environment water usually enters and exits a pond or pool via a stream which keeps the water moving, oxygenated and clear.

Eheim pond pump

In a man made garden pond we need to simulate this process using a pump. There is an exception to this rule if you can create a balanced ecosystem of oxygenating and cleaning plants but this is more suitable for larger ponds and can take up to 2 years work before you can add fish.

Our pond pumps circulate the water at 5,000 litres per hour which means in our standard 1.8m x 1.2m x .81m (1,750 litre) unit all the pond water is pumped through the filter approximately every half an hour. The unit sits at the bottom of the pond and sucks water through a strainer before passing to the filter through a length of pipe.

The Biological Pond Filter

Most people assume the pond filter removes particles from the water like a sieve but it actually works by creating a home for beneficial bacteria who do all the work. In a stream or river the water is cleaned by the same bacteria but on a much larger scale.

Eheim pressure pond pump diagram

Our filters contain a variety of media which create a large surface area for beneficial bacteria to colonise. The untreated water passes through the filter where the bacteria digest any toxins produced by fish or decaying organic waste in the pond. In order to survive the bacteria need a constant flow of water through the filter which brings them the food and oxygen they need to survive. The flow is provided by the pond pump.

We use a pressure filter rather than a gravity filter as the pressure filter can be hidden within the pond structure giving a neat and tidy appearance. A gravity system filter would need to be placed above the point where water is returned to your pond and would spoil the aesthetic or need to be hidden by extra landscaping or a timber housing.

UVC pond clarifier in packaging

The UV Pond Filter

Ultra Violet filters are available as stand alone units but can also be integrated in an 'all in one' kit. The UV water filter is necessary because microscopic green water particles can pass through the biological filter and re-circulate into the pond. The UV pond filter is a cylindrical housing which holds a UV light fitting. The water passing through the filter is subjected to high levels of UV light which causes the green single cell algae to clump together. The clumps of algae are large enough to be trapped in the biological filter where they are digested. The result? Crystal clear water.

If you need any help or advice on any aspect of pond building or pond filtration please don't hesitate in contacting us using our Contact Us page