Beginners Vegetable Garden Kits

Beginners Vegetable Garden Kits

Beginners Gardening Kits

Vegetable gardening can be a little intimidating to the beginner and it is hard to know where to start with all the various information flying around. Our new beginners garden kits were designed to include everything you need to start growing your own vegetables. They include easy to grow vegetable seeds with an appropriately sized planter or growbag and enough soil to fill it. These vegetable growing kits are the perfect start to growing your own as they are reusable, portable and easy to grow in.

When starting a vegetable garden you don't need to spend a fortune and jump in at the deep end, our beginners kits are great entry level kits as they are affordable and very straightforward to use. They can be placed anywhere you have a bit of space, on patios, balconies, by the back door, or anywhere in the garden.

We thought about when we began growing vegetables a good few years ago now and remembered our successes, failures and how eager we were to grow the perfect crop every time. Planters and growbags save time and effort and pretty much make growing your own vegetables foolproof. We find them ideal for building up a knowledge base and gaining confidence in vegetable gardening and we hope that the right growing kit will get you hooked on growing your own like we are.

Included in our kits is what we have found to be the best soil or compost for the vegetables in question. For example, our tomato planter kit comes with living green organic wormcast compost, and our children's vegetable garden kit includes a good organic vegetable compost.

There are a few different kinds of beginners gardening kits, with more to come. We have:

  • raised bed starter kits which include a timber raised bed with seeds and soil
  • Vegetable Planter Kits including growbags with soil and vegetable seeds
  • willow planters with compost and seeds.

You can find all our beginners garden kits here.

For instructions on how to grow your own vegetables, check out our easy to follow vegetable growing guides or our how to grow videos.