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Raised Vegetable Beds for allotments

Why use raised beds in an allotment vegetable garden?
If you are new to allotment gardening you may benefit from these basic pieces of advice: Keep it simple and keep it small. The number 1 reason for novice growers giving up on their allotment garden is taking on more than they can handle. Remember your allotment may be some distance from your home and might need to be able to fend for itself for a week or more while you attend to the other important things in your life. It makes sense to design your allotment space with low maintenance and ease of use in mind so you spend more time enjoying your new vegetable garden.

Allotment Design

Raised beds are an ideal solution for an allotment garden as they give an organised growing area that is easier to work on and will suffer less from encroaching weeds. A grid pattern of wooden planters and pathways is best with easy access to all sides of your growing area. Pathways in the vegetable garden can be grass, gravel or paving slabs; the key is to have clear weed free spaces between your beds will help keep slug populations under control.