Wicker & Rattan Baskets For Firewood

Log_Baskets_CircularRattan Wood and Turf Baskets.

We must have the largest selection of wicker and rattan fuel baskets in the country as Niall seems to have been bewitched by the stuff.

The quality is excellent as you can see in the pictures with all the baskets made from a very tight weave. We have a broad range of baskets ranging from our giant 26inch deep baskets to smaller and more manageable 14in by 14in basket.

Log baskets newsletterThese baskets are great for firewood but are also perfect for storing or carrying laundry, for waste paper, planters or an attractive towel store in the bathroom. The material is light and easy to carry with robust woven handles.

We are also keen to stock more British made willow products (in fact more British made everything) so if you are aware of anyone with a product which you think might suit our site please pass on their details or ask them to get in touch.


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