Raised Bed Images

Discount value raised beds

A collection of images from our raised bed gardens.

Building a deluxe raised vegetable bed

Raised veg beds ready for square foot gardeningBuilding deluxe raised bed andrew & Niall

7 inch high vegetable planter with carrotsDeluxe 14 inch with salad and vegetablesGrowing lettuce in a timber planterNew split level garden planter bedFilling a deluxe veg bed with soilPlanting vegetable seedlings in an elevated gardenSplit level raised gardens detailAchieving a stepped garden affect with  timberPremier 2 tier raised vegetable bedPremier 9 inch raised bedQuickcrop raised vegetable planter gardenYoung veg plants in a bedtidy raised garden bed with vegetabe plantsHealthy alads in my gardenalot of green plants in my garden this timeSection of my garden in the middle of summerSquare foot gardening with vegetablesClose up of young lettuce plantsMy timber raised bed vegetable garden


Please feel free to send us pictures of your raised bed garden.
All our raised beds can be found here: Raised Garden Beds

Discount value raised beds

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