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  • High quality trough planter comes flat packed for easy delivery
  • Perfect for herbs salads and other good vegetables
  • The 1m high raised bed from Vegtrug
  • Easy construction with all fixings included
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1 Metre Vegtrug Trough Planter

In a nutshell....
Vegtrug trough planters have a v shaped design so you can grow a wider range of vegetable. A vegtrug is both a raised bed on legs and stylish piece of garden furniture. Click Specification below for further detail. Size: 100cm L x 80cm H x 76cm W


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Vegetable Trough Planters

The Vegtrug is the raised vegetable trough planter that is the perfect blend of raised bed and garden furniture. It is the easy way to have your own vegetable garden anywhere, from outdoors on patios, porches and balconies, to indoors in greenhouses, polytunnels or even in the house. It is a completely portable vegetable planter on legs that has been specially designed for vegetable gardening. The Vegtrug has many advantages over regular raised beds, it is a good deal taller and stands at a comfortable waist height. The extra height helps protect vulnerable vegetable seedlings from slugs & snails, low flying pests like the carrot fly and fouling by household pets. The main body of the trug completely contains all the soil so you have more control over it, good healthy soil is the foundation of and most important part of any vegetable garden. The timber used is sustainably sourced fir and is treated in vegetable gardening friendly stain to prevent rot. A membrane liner also comes with the trug to offer a little extra protection. 

At almost 1 metre tall this really is a raised garden bed! The 'Vegtrug' raised garden takes the hard work out of vegetable growing. We absolutely love them! They are a perfect outside the back door for herbs and salad, when you need a few crunchy leaves or fresh aromatic herbs just pop out and grab a handful. The V shaped bed sits on legs and is  one of the tallest raised beds, it is perfect for people with back problems and is even wheelchair accessible. You can even grow deeper rooted crops like parsnips, carrots and potatoes along the centre of the bed thanks to it's clever 'v' shape design.


The VegTrug has been designed to be easily built from the box and comes in 1.8m long versions as well to suit any garden needs. It is delivered in one boxed flatpack kit and only takes about 15 to 20 minutes to asemble, detailed instructions and all required fixings are included in the box. Purpose built polycover, micromesh and fleece covers are available with frames to get the most out of your vegtrug garden planter. They help dramatically lengthen the growing season as well as offering reliable protection from pests, weather and disease. Once assembled, the Vegtrug has a natural timber finish, this helps it easily fit in with any garden design type. The Vegtrug makes the ideal gift idea for the vegetable gardener. 

Wheelchair Accessible
Like our Vegi-Table planter, all the Vegtrugs 1m, 1.8m and aluminium models are wheelchair accessible. Always remember if you are working from a seated positiion to work sideways (over the arm rest), rather than to the front as this prevents accidental falling and less reaching is required.

We try and keep our delivery charges as low as possible, we only charge €3.95/£3.95 delivery per order. This applies to all our raised garden planters regardless of the size of the order.


  • Sourced from sustainable plantation grown fir, the VegTrug will last for many years.
  • Solid, sturdy and robust construction. Treated with vegetable friendly stain.
  • Delivered Flat Packed in One Box.
  • Easy to build.
  • Comes with all fixings and detailed instructions.
  • Plastic feet to protect wood from drawing up water.
  • Comes with a purpose built fitted membrane liner.
  • V shaped body allows deeper root crops to be planted in the centre.
  • The H shaped leg supports evenly distribute the weight.
  • Easy working height. No more bending or kneeling.
  • Ideal for the elderly and wheelchair users.
  • Keeps slugs away from your produce.
  • Requires approx 0.25 cubic metre of soil/compost or 4x60 litre bags.

100cm Long x 76cm Wide x 80cm Tall

Capacity: 240 Litres of soil will fill this bed (i.e. 4 x 60 Litre Bags)

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Garry Davis
October 28th, 2015
The product arrived on time and in good condition.Very easy to build with quality parts.Far better quality than similar product bought elsewhere.I have had several inquiries answered most courteously and promptly.Quickcrop are a pleasure to deal with.
MIchael O'Callaghan
October 05th, 2015
Delivered very quickly. The product is as described.Have no complaints at all
Laura O'Connor
June 16th, 2015
Great product. Very easy to assemble. Eating away from it already. Delighted!
L. D. (Order ID 12687791961)
November 27th, 2014
The 1 meter vegtrug is a nifty little planter, It comes in a neat box and everything you need is inside. I have mine by the back porch and have ordered a larger one. Cant beat that 2.95 delivery rate thanks quickcrop from a repeat customer.
Eimear Grannell
August 31st, 2014
I bought the 1m veg trug for my classroom. I find it fantastic for the children as it is a perfect height for them, it is sturdy and we can keep it inside where they can watch their vegetables grow daily! From a teacher who is extremely happy with her purchase! I'd recommend it to anyone!
Ask a Question
Asked By Joanne Bream
on September 20th, 2016
I intend to buy the coir compost for my vegtrug should I buy 4 packs or is it best/ ok to mix with regular compost?
Answered by Andrew
on September 20th, 2016
Hi Joanne. The coir compost is an excellent way of filling the beds to grow in however it is sterile so you will need to add some strong nutrient rich compost with it or alternatively Seaweed/Chicken manure pellets. Our Seafeed product is excellent for this
Asked By William
on June 12th, 2016
How do they drain
Answered by Andrew
on June 13th, 2016
Good question William. The come with a liner and then the base has slats with 3mm gaps running along them. This allows the water to drain out and not take any soil with it.
Asked By Stella
on May 06th, 2016
Can you tell me if the wood is pressure treated please? I know you say 'stained', but that's more to do with the colour than the anti-rot treatment!
Answered by Andrew
on May 10th, 2016
Hi Stella. A very good question. The wood is indeed pressure treated and as a result will comfortably last in the British and Irish climate for 10/12 years.
Asked By Andy Levitt
on March 13th, 2016
How frequently will the planter need to be treated..? Thanks Andy Levitt
Answered by Andrew
on March 14th, 2016
Thank you for your question Andy. I have one 8 years in my garden and i have never had to treat it. They come pre-treated so they don't really need to ever be treated again.
Asked By Ruth
on October 26th, 2015
What tools do I need to build the trug
Answered by Andrew
on October 28th, 2015
just a screwdriver/drill and an adjustable spanner
Asked By Vera Layton
on October 25th, 2015
Do they come assembled Do you charge delivery
Answered by Andrew
on October 27th, 2015
They come un-assembled in a flat pack. Our delivery charge is 3.95 per order regardless of size
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1 Metre Vegtrug Trough Planter
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1 Metre Vegtrug Trough Planter
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