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Seer Rockdust, A Soil Booster

Enhance Your Soil With Seers Rock Dust 450g

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volcanic rock has several minerals and elements to promote a great soil

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You Just Can't Get Anything Better To Condition Your Soil


Seers Scottish rock dust is a potent soil enhancer. Coming from crushed volcanic rock it is literally a mine of gorgeous salts and minerals and elements for your soil. Within months tangible benefits will be felt in improved quality and flavour of your yield and in better disease resistance and soil drainage.


Volcanic soils are very productive due to their high levels of minerals and trace elements. These soils are formed during the ice age 10,000 years ago when the glaciers crushed the rocks creating deep, mineral rich fertile soils. Most soils are now mineral deficient and can be transformed by the application of a mineral rich rock dust.


At one time most of our soil was covered with forests so the minerals and other nutrients were trapped and recycled by the living organisms of the woodlands. But now we plough and dig open our soils taking away our vegetables and plants so depleting the soil of the goodness which was once trapped. But making things worse is the rain which can now wash our open soils of their nutrients. Our soil becomes less and less productive so we have to replace these minerals and trace elements and this volcanic natural product is the perfect answer.


Your soil is actually a mixture of decomposed and decomposing organic material which is being broken down by living organisms, but it probably started off as small particles of solid matter such as the local rock which has been degraded into small particles by the elements. As this rock has been broken down it slowly releases minerals that have been trapped in it since the rock was formed millions of years ago. These minerals as we know are important for living organisms to live on, so the process of a living soil begins which gets deeper and richer over vast periods of time if allowed to in ideal contitions like forestation for example. Then the natural vegetation is cleared most likely for farming and the soil can then get depleted as you are taking goodness away in the form of crops and feed for livestock.


Adding rock dust to your soil is replacing and adding to the soil a natural slow releasing mineral. Crushed volcanic rock can't be added to a soil in any other way. Not only that by regularly adding more organic matter to your soil as well as rock dust you will be producing some of the best vegetable growing soil conditions anywhere. You can produce a good rich soil in a much shorter time and keep it in peak condition even though you are removing minerals when you harvest your crops. and the rain washes the soil, because you can keep topping up your soil on a regular basis when needed.


This Seers Rock Dust product is natural so you can have better and great tasting vegetables. The rock dust is a slow mineral release product mixing and dissolving into your soil giving your growing vegetables a balanced nutrient and mineral rich environment to grow in. Just as you need a balanced diet with minerals and other trace elements so do growing vegetables otherwise plants can suffer due to mineral deficiency. These crushed volcanic rock powders are the perfect natural solution. 


Rock dust is not an instant fix but over several months you will notice it improves :


  • Overall plant growth yield
  • Flavour and aroma increase to your tasty vegetables
  • Pest resistance is increased as your plants are healthier
  • Worm population is markably higher which makes your soil healthier
  • Disease resistance is better again because of your plants being healthier
  • Nutritional value
  • Health and vigour
  • Shelf life
  • Drought resistance


You'll be hearing a lot more about this type of product in the coming years, makes a whole lot of sense.

Product Reviews     Reviews

Enhance Your Soil With Seers Rock Dust 450g

By Dennis Smith
27 August 2011

Soil Steroids
I bought this with the Soil Sieve and I have to say it really has improved the yield of plants. I'm used to my garden being washed out with our English Summers so I decided to pump up my soil a little. I'll definitely be coming back for more of this stuff as its great, easy to mix with the sieve and packs a good punch.

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