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Raised Bed Growhouse For Extra Growing Time - Green

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A growhouse for raised beds, made from thick green polythene and a sturdy frame. Growhouses prolong the growing season.


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Growhouse For Raised Beds

The raised bed growhouse enables you to extend your vegetable gardening season. This gives you an early start in the spring and extends your Autumn growing by 4-6 weeks. The cover fits very neatly over our standard raised beds and can be removed or replaced with ease. It is especially good for tomatoes and courgettes.


  • The cover is made from a durable reinforced p.v.c. It is very easy to assemble requiring no tools, it simply slots together. Includes double windows for easy ventilation.
  • Includes zipped sides for easy access and ventilation.
  • Get extra value from your beds and enjoy tasty crops well into the winter and the following spring.
  • Use it to warm the soil, start off seedlings or grow vegetable plants to maturity.

The growhouse is a really popular little extra. This version sits no top of your raised bed and gives you valuable extra growing time in the shoulder seasons meaning you can plant earlier, nurture your seedlings and keep your salad crops etc growing well in to the Autumn. The cover is made from reinforced PVC and can be put on and taken off with ease, zip panels allow for ventilation.
Growing under cover has a number of advantages especially when starting of seeds and nurturing young plants.

Here are a few examples of how the growhouse cloche can help your garden:

Helps germination of seeds.
Many of your vegetable plants will benefit from starting off earlier in the year when the outside temperatures are less than encouraging for a vulnerable baby plant, frost and frozen soil can be the death knell for your precious young plants. The extra heat provided by a seedling growhouse not only keeps frost off your plants but also warms the surrounding soil which creates a far better growing environment. Remember the growhouse contains ventilation flaps and a zip to open the complete cover. This is very important on bright, sunny days as this form of protection can heat up quite quickly. Even if the day feels cold you will be surprised at how much heat can trapped.

Prevents wind damage
Wind can also be a major problem for young plants particularly if you live in an exposed site. Many tender plants like basil don't grow well outside but will flourish with the added protection of the growhouse. Wind can also destroy even the hardiest plants at seedling stage when they need to be nurtured and protected as much as possible. Wind damage can break young stems but also loosen and damage roots by whipping the plant about in strong gusts.

Hardening off and warming soil
Seedlings grown indoors to be planted out later need to become accustomed to the outside world in a gradual way. The method is know as hardening off and means removing seedling trays from the polytunnel or greenhouse on days with mild weather and replacing them at night or when conditions turn nasty. The growhouse can be used as a temporary protection at night and when the weather is more severe. Cover the plants less frequently as they become acclimatised and eventually remove the cover altogether.
You can also use the cover to warm the soil before you plant out by placing it over the patch of ground you want to use for a couple of days previous to planting. This creates a microclimate that will give you a significant advantage in starting off a new plant.

Extends the growing season
Start earlier in the season and get off to a head start. You can get about 3 - 4 weeks ahead in the spring and also extend your season well into the Autumn.


H 0.92m W 1.8m D 0.92m


H 0.92m W 1.8m D 0.92m

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April 05th, 2015
Only put it up a short while ago and planted lettuce plugs which are doing fine. A good sturdy cover and seems to be doing the job it's designed for. I can put slug pellets around tender plants without fear that birds will eat them. Only problem was although easy to assemble didn't fit inside my 6x3ft raised bed or outside but directly on top so I Couldn't peg it down but had to secured it to the wood itself with nails and a thick rubber strap. It withstood heavy winds. I am not sure if the metal pegs supplied would be sufficient to withstand the kind of gale force winds recently experienced here. But if If I don't have to fit it over a raised bed I might buy another one next year.
Miriam O Sheefe
January 06th, 2015
I don't have enough space for a greenhouse in my garden and the tough winter signalled the end for most of my plants so i was very happy to come across this. It doesn't fit properly but after a few alterations I was able to get it onto my raised bed. Arrived on time and was packaged well with the other products.
Ask a Question
Asked By Phil Taylor
on April 07th, 2016
Does the growhouse fit easily on a 6ft x 3ft deluxe raised bed. Looks as if it does on the your photo but comments given under reviews suggest otherwise. Also does it come with a frame?
Answered by Andrew
on April 11th, 2016
Hi Phil. Yes, the raised bed growhouse does fit the deluxe 6x3 bed though you will have a small gap either end to take the corner posts into accout. It does not for fit the premier bed due to the fact the corner posts are internal and take up too much toom.
Asked By Fiona Turner
on July 18th, 2015
Hi Will this fit the 4ft x 4ft raised bed?
Answered by Andrew
on July 20th, 2015
Hello, the raised bed growhouse will only fit a 6ft x 3ft raised bed. sorry.
Asked By Linda
on March 01st, 2015
Will this fit in your Premier raised beds?
Answered by Andrew
on March 01st, 2015
Hi Linda. No it doesn't fit the premier bed but we will have a new mini polytunnel option available before the end of the week.
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Raised Bed Growhouse For Extra Growing Time - Green
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Raised Bed Growhouse For Extra Growing Time - Green
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