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  • Wide headed hoe 17.5cm
  • Much sought after by gardeners as the best weeding tool
  • Comes complete with long timber handle
  • perfect for the larger garden
View The Stirrup Or Oscillating Hoe - The Best Weeding Tool video

The Stirrup Or Oscillating Hoe - The Best Weeding Tool


In a nutshell....

The oscillating hoe is a best selling garden tool, the sharp blade cuts beneath the soil level and sharpens itself as it goes. Available 2 different head sizes.

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The Oscillating or Stirrup Hoe (Complete With Handle) is the most sought after new garden tool 

When they see these Oscillating hoes in action every gardener or vegetable grower will want one. The Oscillating Hoe has a razor sharp blade that travels below the soil surface and slices through the weeds where they are most vulnerable - below ground.  This stops or slows them from rejuvenating themselves because they have no foliage exposed to life giving sunlight.

The Oscillating Hoes long handle allows you to reach in amongst vegetable beds without trampling on them. This fantastic garden tool also comes with a removable blade so it can be interchanged if damaged or worn. The blade can easily be re-sharpened with a stone or very fine file (If needs be). The blade also has a double edge so this garden tool can be used in a forward and backwards action.

Choose Your Size:

The Oscillating Hoe comes with heads in 2 different widths.

  • Regular: 13.5cm (5.3in) 
  • Wide: 17.5cm (6.9in)

Please choose your required hoe head size using the 'Hoe Head' Tab above.


Important: This Hoe includes the Ash 1.6m handle.

  • The Oscillating blade cuts weeds on the forward and backward strokes.
  • Cut weeds simply slip over the sharp blade.
  • The Oscillating blade actually sharpens itself as it moves through the soil.
  • Great for established weeds and pleasure to use on regularly hoed ground.
  • Our Oscillating hoes are Swiss made top quality tools and will last you a lifetime.

One of the most important tools you'll ever own, they make a great gift for the gardener also.

Hoe Dimensions:

Handle Length: 1.6m (63in) Long

Head Sizes: Regular - 13.5cm (5.3in), Wide - 17.5cm (6.9in)

Write a Review
Peter McFadden
July 06th, 2019
I bought my oscillating hoe from Quickcrop a couple of years ago. I love it. It's the most useful piece of equipment in my garden. Clearing weeds is now an enjoyable experience.
April 06th, 2019
I absolutely cannot fault this hoe or the service I've received from this company. Ordered on Weds, delivered by courier on Friday morning. It probably seems a bit pricey compared with normal hoes but it's worth it because it cuts your work by half (at least). It took me minutes to completely weed a very large vegetable patch-a job that would have taken me hours of back-breaking work with a normal hoe (and then it wouldn't have done such a complete job). Highly recommended. I also bought the little hand hoe which is just as good and great for getting into smaller areas between plants that you don't want to damage.
March 16th, 2019
I have had my hoe for about a year now, i have two allotments and as you can imagine at times have loads of weeds and i can honestly say this hoe is the best tool i have ever bought to me it's worth it's weight in gold. It is simple to use, just by pushing and pulling the hoe the weeds are up-rooted even deep rooted weeds. I would definitely recommend this hoe to any gardener there is nothing i don't like about my hoe :-).
PatMc Manamly
January 17th, 2019
I am very pleased with my oscillating hoe. It takes all the chore out of awkward weeding, love using it and it's also,easy to use. I bought one for my son in law for Christmas. Delighted with it Thank you
Simon Cole ()
December 19th, 2018
The oscillating hoe is very highly recommended and with good reason. It is the best hoe I have ever used for around my plants. Prompt delivery and well packaged all in all top marks.
Catherine Cronin
September 01st, 2018
Received my oscillating hoe today by courier, very quick delivery I might add. Couldn't wait to try it out as weeding can be such a chore. Marks out of 10, a SUPER BIG 10, what a fantastic tool. Thank you Quickcrop. No more backache!!!
Steve Woods
August 07th, 2018
Great addition to our professional garden maintenance tool kit. We can 'breeze' through borders & beds with the stirrup hoe, its easy cutting action and long handle make its use comfortable and so effective. Our customers enjoy a weed free garden that looks perfect and we can complete our work in quick time thanks to the stirrup hoe - so impressed we bought another!
July 31st, 2018
I ordered a hoe and it arrived2 days later. Excellet service, thank you Quickcrop
Christopher Corcoran
June 10th, 2018
A fantastic product. So easy to use it makes weeding actually enjoyable, especially when used in conjunction with the Golden Gark. No more bending and stretching. Does exactly what it says in the video. In addition, it also acts as a shallow rotovator for my raised vegetable bed.
Peter Gibson
May 05th, 2018
Peter Smith
April 06th, 2018
Only used it for the first time today but wow absolutely superb even on larger weeds. Just hope that it will last a good while. Seriously considering buying another for my wife
February 05th, 2018
I'm delighted with my oscillating hoe, it's a great tool.! You were very prompt with delivery((3 days), e-mailed me the morning as to the hour it would come, I left instructions & you followed exactly.This is about the 5th item I ordered from you & perfect everytime, no complaints.
Gillian from Amazon
January 04th, 2018
Brilliant service from this seller, the hoe arrived I great time, very well packed. I can't stop hoeing! This hoe is the best I have ever had, so effective, really does the job well and with maximum comfort. I love it! Happy customer.
December 26th, 2017
Very pleased on receiving this product to see the length of handle just what I wanted at 6 feet tall and subject to back problems this saves bending. Have had this type of hoe before and a great tool it is
December 16th, 2017
Haven't used it much yet but the blade is super sharp and the delivery was so fast!
November 22nd, 2017
I brought an Oscillating Hoe from Quickcrop about three years ago and found it one of the most useful gardening tools I've purchased. Easy to use and spaers are easy to obtain. My neighbour saw it and asked me to get her one as she had heard about them before, so I did. She is delighted with it.One negative is the price. But in the long run it's worth it.
Sean Byrne
November 18th, 2017
Great tool for getting an area weed free and helping to keep it weed free. What I particularly like about it is that after frequent use your soil will not only be weed free but free of big stones up a dept on two to three inches. This hoe is great for ploughing through the earth and finding stones that you can then remove. Its blade is nicely sharp to cut through the weeds and the handle although longer than most takes all strain off the back. A must have for anybody that has any piece of land larger than a raised bed.
martin ryan
October 08th, 2017
excellent tool particulary the long handle
August 14th, 2017
Hallo. Ik woon in Nederland. En ik heb dit besteld en gebruikt. i haat schoffelen,maar nu niet meer. Het is zo makkelijk en handig. En het scheel geld, want ik doe het nu zelf, ik hoef het niet meer uit te besteden voor geld. ik heb een behoorlijke grote tuin.In Nederland is dit niet zo bekend. Vreemd, want het is super handig.
May 02nd, 2017
Three words - AN INCREDIBLE TOOL! This hoe cleared 16 SQM in under two hours.. I want to use it again and again...
MsMartien Tyndall
April 27th, 2017
Arrived broken but it will be redelivered.
January 16th, 2017
Love this hoe! I use it to level the very edges of my horse arena where the tractor cannot reach. It's a huge area but I do 20 or so meters a time (5 mins). Easy!
Margaret Neville
October 07th, 2016
Very fast delivery. The best thing since sliced bread. I hate weeding and have a large garden. Couldn't do enough of it yesterday. The ground is now weed free, and I enjoyed doing it !!! Get one...wonderful. Getting the bark too, and have order one for my friend, she was so impressed with it..
Fionn Goodwin.
August 28th, 2016
Very easy to use and a very high quality. It has a very long handle so no bending down. It is expensive but it's worth it!
Mary McCormack
August 19th, 2016
Hi just wanted to let you know the oscillating hoe is such a great product. it really does do what it says it's supposed to do. very easy to use even if you are a bit slow on your feet like me.thank you for the quick delivery too.
July 05th, 2016
This hoe is the best hoe I've used. Easy to use and cuts weeds in both directions, push and pull. Like all the best ideas, simple.
caroline o,kane
June 08th, 2016
very handy tool, takes the root of the weed as well, used regularly it will keep the weeds down completely.
May 21st, 2016
I actually can't wait for the weeds to grow this year, the oscillating hoe is fantastic, very easy to use and there isn't anything I don't like about it
Mary AnnODonoghue
May 15th, 2016
Great Hoe lets me weed quickly and precisely. long handle means easy on my back.
Sara Nicholson
May 15th, 2016
great tool - every bit as good as expected
rita scully
May 03rd, 2016
After using various hoes, this is honestly the best ever. It just slices through the weeds no bother with no effort at all.
Maria Murphy
February 05th, 2016
The best weeding tool I've had so far.
Ask a Question
Asked By Irungu Mbuthia
on August 14th, 2019
I live in Nairobi, Kenya. My son will be in London for a couple of days starting this Saturday 18th August 2019. Can you have a hoe delivered to his hotel?
Answered by Niall
on August 15th, 2019
I am afraid we would have to had your order by yesterday to guarantee delivery to his hotel in London by this weekend Niall Quickcrop
Asked By Emma reeves
on March 04th, 2018
The head and handle came separately - do I need to nail or screw through the small eye on the top of the head? Or just pushing the together should be enough? Thanks Emma
Answered by Niall
on March 05th, 2018
Hi Emma. It should have come with a small screw in the pack to screw through the hole in the head and hold the handle in place. If not let me know and i will put one in the post to you. Its a 2 minute job once you have it.
Asked By M howard
on January 31st, 2018
Which head size is recommende
Answered by Niall
on January 31st, 2018
The smaller one i find better as it is easier to Hoe in between plants
Asked By Bhimsen
on January 15th, 2018
Is available in India
Answered by Niall
on January 15th, 2018
I am afraid we don't presently supply to India.
Asked By Michael
on September 17th, 2017
I live in the Hertfordshire Chilterns, how do you think This hoe would cope with a heavy clay soil with lots of flint and stones?
Answered by Andrew
on September 18th, 2017
Hi Michael. I use the Oscillating Hoe myself on a very rocky and clay soil and it works a dream. After about 2 years of Hoeing i had to replace the blade due to the amount of rocks in my soil but this was easily done and i am still hoeing away.
Asked By Anna
on July 22nd, 2017
Hi will you ship to Australia ? I don't need the handle if its easier to ship? Tks
Answered by Andrew
on July 24th, 2017
Hi Anna. I am sorry but we don't currently ship to Australia, sorry!
Asked By Maria Christou
on July 15th, 2017
Can you ship to Cyprus??? If yes the cost
Answered by Andrew
on July 17th, 2017
Hi Maria. We can ship to Cyprus but i am afraid the shipping costs are crazy. The cost of shipping just the Oscillating Hoe Head and not the handle is €35
Asked By Matt
on April 26th, 2017
Hi again what steel is the blade ? It couldn't be mild steel as well !
Answered by Andrew
on May 02nd, 2017
Hi Matt. I am afraid I do not know the type of steel in the hoe blade. What I can tell you is I use the hoe very frequently and have had one for a number of years and the blade is still going strong!
Asked By Matt
on April 26th, 2017
What type of steel are they made from ?
Answered by Andrew
on April 26th, 2017
Hi Matt. The hoe is made from galvanized mild steel. They are a very sturdy product that will last for years. I hope this answers your question.
Asked By Jennifer Eastmure
on March 09th, 2017
Can you deliver two larger head oscillating stirrup hoes WITHOUT handles as I need to carry on a plane, they would be delivered to central London. Thanks
Answered by Andrew
on March 09th, 2017
We can of course. Just put the word Oscillating in the search bar and it should pull up all of the options. One being with the head of the Hoe only.
Asked By Nicholas Pace
on July 22nd, 2016
Wonderful tool...Mine is wearing out as I use it for my gravel maintenance. Mine is a wide one. I am in France Any chance of supplying new blades? If so I would order several Thanks
Answered by Andrew
on July 26th, 2016
Hello, yes replacement blades are available on our site for both the wide and the regular oscillating hoes.
Asked By Rosmarie
on June 12th, 2016
Tolles Gerät! liefern Sie auch über die Händler nach Deutschland? Vielen Dank und herzliche Grüße
Answered by Andrew
on June 15th, 2016
Hallo Rosmarie, wir haben keinen leider Haendler in Deutschland. Sie koennen auf aber unserer website bestellen und am checkout Germany fuer delivery waehlen. Vielen Dank fuer Ihr Interesse, Annette Quickcrop
Asked By Wayne Sellers
on May 26th, 2016
Are these sold in America?
Answered by Andrew
on May 27th, 2016
Hi Wayne. I am afraid we don't sell in America but i am sure they can be got
Asked By John Georgopoulos
on February 05th, 2016
Could i find this wonderful tool in Greece?
Answered by Andrew
on February 05th, 2016
Thank you for your question John. I really don't know the answer to that. We don't have a supplier in Greece. We could get one delivered to Greece however the delivery would be the same cost as the Hoe again.
Asked By Zipporah Mutugi
on November 11th, 2015
Do you export them? I am from Kenya, Africa.
Answered by Andrew
on November 11th, 2015
Not at present i am afraid but we are looking at shipping worldwide and may be able to offer you this service in the near future.

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The Stirrup Or Oscillating Hoe - The Best Weeding Tool
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The Stirrup Or Oscillating Hoe - The Best Weeding Tool
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