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Hotbin Mini Compost Bin (100 ltr)


In a nutshell....

The Hotbin mini composter is a hot compost bin that works over 30 times faster than a regular compost bin. The new mini version is narrower and slightly shorter than the regular version. It heats your household and garden waste up to 60 degrees Celsius. Create your own compost in only 30-90 days. Capacity: 100 Litres.

Insulated Mini Hot Compost Bins

Hotbin composters work much faster at breaking down your food and garden waste by heating them up to 60°c. This extra heat enables you to compost 32 times faster than regular cold composters and have a rich, useable compost somewhere between 30 to 90 days. It works so fast and thoroughly that turning or mixing the compost is not required. These bins have a smaller 100 Litre capacity to suit a 1-2 person household with or without a small garden, they are well insulated and contain foul odours, eliminating pests. They work all year round and will compost all of your food and garden waste even in the winter months when traditional composters stop working.

New Features

The Hotbin now includes a leachate collection system. Leachate is the liquid run off from the natural composting process, and can itself be used as a liuid fertiliser. In the old hotbins. This liquid would just pool on the floor of the compost bin, in this new model the leachate is funnelled towards the drainage cap where it can be drained via the tap and used as needed.
The lid has been redesigned to now include a raised step around the top edge of the bin, this locks together like a tongue and groove joint when the lid is closed. This extra security keeps the lid closed firmly and prevents any water from seeping in during heavy rainfall. The protruding hinge has now been removed from the lid and instead built into the hotbin so that it is now perfectly square and the aeration mesh can now be slotted into the bin's base. Comes with all necessary composting accessories.


  •     Lid Thermometer
  •     Cam Straps
  •     Kick-Start Bottle
  •     Internal Thermometer
  •     Raking Stick
  •     Bulking Agent

Dimensions: 112.5cm x 45cm x 45cm
Capacity: 100 Litres

Write a Review
August 19th, 2020
I got the first model second hand, which means I was reliant on the online instructions and tutorial. It’s a very tidy looking bit of kit, sitting right outside my back door and releases no odours. Set up and started off as per the instructions (search YouTube for videos) and was up to temperature in 10days. I’ve yet to try the resulting compost as it’s only been going a few weeks, but very happy with it so far. My only issue is the sound when you open and close it, polystyrene type squeak means the other half won’t go near it.
Freda Downes
May 15th, 2020
Andrew P.
February 14th, 2020
I'm new to buying online aside from the odd CD over the years so am hard to win over. I'm still not won over but I have no complaints with my order at all. It's a good compost bin and as I expected.
Ger Pelham
January 17th, 2020
As described
Cathal Quirke
December 04th, 2019
Can't fault. Looks great on my balcony and no smell so my wife is happy
Paul Goldrick
October 11th, 2019
Went for mini for price reasons, happy with composter
A. Farrelly
October 11th, 2019
Chelsea Dunne
October 10th, 2019
Order process was quick and easy with quick delivery. It is too early to say how effective the product is but so far so good! 5 stars for experience so far, I look forward to posting a review when I have more experience with the hotbin.
Ask a Question
Asked By Virginia Chipperfield
on September 11th, 2020
Hello Quickcrop, I'm thinking of getting a small Hotbin but I'm wondering is it difficult to access the leachate with the tap being so low down? If it was a choice between the small Hotbin and the Joraform "Little Pig" would you have a recommendation? Thanks.
Answered by Niall
on September 14th, 2020
Hi Virginia The liquids make there way down to the base easily enough so the best place for the tap is at the base. The little pig is a much better system but as you can see the price reflects this. The main reason is that each time you add to it you just give it a turn and this helps the composting process no end. The Hotbin has to be turned with the mixing fork provided which can be a pain to get down deep in to it. That said once you do this it works really effectively Niall Quickcrop
Asked By Margaret
on July 16th, 2020
Hi, do you sell the bulking agent for the Mini hot bin composter separately, for when the initial amount has been used up? And how much does it cost?
Answered by Niall
on July 17th, 2020
HI Margaret I am afraid we don't sell the Hotbin bulking agent but we do have wood pellets which work just as well if not better. They are 9.95 a bag Niall Quickcrop
Asked By Sandra
on July 05th, 2020
Hi, we (my husband and I) have very little food waste (afew chicken bones, bit of fish skin once a week) but plenty of veg trimmings and fruit peelings, paper, cardboard. Will the mini hotbin work for us?
Answered by Andrew
on July 06th, 2020
Hi Sandra. Yes, it sounds like you would have enough waste to run a mini hotbin, the full size unit might be a little large for your requirements.
Asked By Colm
on June 28th, 2020
Hi.. i recently got a hotbin and in my research some sites say to keep tomato stems/stalks out of the compost. I need to prune my tomato plants and want to know if its ok to throw them in the hotbin
Answered by Andrew
on June 29th, 2020
Hi Colm. Tomato stems are fine in compost. I suspect the reason stated for not adding them is possible transfer of tomato blight to compost but this is not an issue as blight can only live on live plant material. Once the tomaotoes have been pruned the stems will die off.
Asked By Ionela Papai
on June 24th, 2020
hi, i got lots of flies and magots in the last two weeks.what can i do?it doesnt seem to be hot enough.
Answered by Andrew
on June 25th, 2020
Hi Ionela. The heat in the compost bin is generated by nitrogen so you should add more green material to heat to up. If you have a lawn, adding some grass clippings is a fast and handy way of doing this. I hope this helps.
Asked By Kaethe Burt-O'Dea
on May 13th, 2020
What is the Hotbin made out of?
Answered by Niall
on May 13th, 2020
Hi Kaethe Heavy duty polystyrene Niall Quickcrop
Asked By Paul McCluskey
on April 24th, 2020
Trying to decide if I need 100L or 200L bin. We already have a Hungry Bin wormery, but also looking for something for the cooked food that will not attract rodents. Household of 4....what would you recommend?
Answered by Niall
on April 24th, 2020
Hi Paul The 200 litre for a family of four would certainly be a lot better however if you are putting a percentage of your food waste in the Hungry Bin already you might get away with the 100. That said for its size the 200 is much better value Niall Quickcrop
Asked By Mariele Hesper
on February 16th, 2020
when do you expect to have the mini compost hot bin (100 l) back on sale?
Answered by Niall
on February 17th, 2020
Hi Mariele They are back on the website for sale now and will be available for shipping later this week Niall Quickcrop
Asked By Mariele Hesper
on February 16th, 2020
does it take food scraps like fish and chicken skin?
Answered by Niall
on February 17th, 2020
Hi Mariele It certainly does. That is what these units are best for Niall Quickcrop
Asked By Mary
on February 15th, 2020
Can I put dog/cat poo in the bin?
Answered by Niall
on February 17th, 2020
Hi Mary You can of course however you still need to make sure you get the mix right and keep adding garden waste, kitchen waste and brown waste (cardboard, paper etc) so that you don't have to much of the one thing in the mix Niall Quickcrop
Asked By Mary
on January 19th, 2020
Does the bin need to be in a sunny position to generate the heat? And will it function well if much of the kitchen waste is fruit peeling such as banana and orange skins?
Answered by Niall
on January 19th, 2020
Hi Mary No the Hotbin doesn't need to be in a sunny position as the heat is not created externally but all internally. So it can be kept in a shed etc if you want. It also doesn't smell so you can put inside if you want. It will function with fruit peelings however it will need carbon added as well such as torn up paper or cardboard and some garden waste. Niall Quickcrop
Asked By Niamh
on January 13th, 2020
if i keep adding to the bin how do i have access to the final product( the compost). do I stop using the bin when full and leave for a few weeks. I so do i need two bins so that i can continually dispose of my kitchen waste.
Answered by Niall
on January 13th, 2020
Hi Niamh There is a door at the bottom so that you can take out the compost when it is ready. If you are producing a lot of kitchen and garden waste it might be worth looking at the Joraform composters which will take more. That said the heat created in both means that you can get through a lot of compostable material a lot faster Niall Quickcrop
Asked By Barbara Grehan
on January 11th, 2020
Can you say what exactly is Green Waste and What is Brown Waste? What category do meat, bones,and mouldy food fit into?
Answered by Niall
on January 13th, 2020
Hi Barbara The best mix to use in this composter is a third kitchen waste (cooked and uncooked food except bones), one third garden waste (grass clippings, weeds etc) and a third brown waste (leaves, torn up cardboard, torn up paper, wood chippings etc) I hope this is of some help Regards Niall Quickcrop
Asked By Joan
on January 04th, 2020
Hi, Considering the Hotbin but I will not have any grass cuttings, just paper/cardboard and food waste. I will have leaves to add in the autumn. Will it work without grass?
Answered by Niall
on January 06th, 2020
Hi Joan That is fine. Any green waste at all will add nitrogen which kick starts the composting process. Some of the waste from your kitchen will be green waste so this should do the job. Like kale, cabbage, celery scraps etc Niall Quickcrop
Asked By Barbara Lyons
on November 15th, 2019
Will the composter provide a breeding environment for maggots?? I have found this is a problem with our brown bin, particularly during warmer weather. I hate the thought of opening the composter and find maggots on the inside of the lid!!
Answered by Niall
on November 15th, 2019
Hi Barbara The beauty of the Hotbins is that they will get up to temperatures of 65/70 degrees provided you add the materials to the bin in the correct format. At these temperatures not only will maggots and flies not survive you will also kill off all weed seeds etc so you can add a whole host of materials to the Hotbin Niall Quickcrop
Asked By Paudie
on September 19th, 2019
Can meat and cooked food be added to this composter?
Answered by Niall
on September 20th, 2019
Hi Paudie It can indeed. That is why they are fully sealed to stop any vermin getting in or smell getting out during the compost process Niall Quickcrop
Asked By Rosaleen
on August 08th, 2019
hi. i have been considering a composter for a while. 2 questions: should i put lawn cuttings in this and do i need to add paper, brown matter as well as food waste. I'll have plenty food waste and grass cuttings but not sure what else i need
Answered by Niall
on August 08th, 2019
Hi Rosaleen Yes a mix of all 3 is exactly what is required. For the brown waste all i do is tear up the cardboard and paper that comes through my house and it works really well. Just be sure to add the 3 in a layered format. So a small layer of grass then brown waste then kitchen waste and so on. This help the heat build up which is what you are after Regards Niall Quickcrop
Asked By Eve
on July 25th, 2019
How does it heat?
Answered by Niall
on July 25th, 2019
Hi Eve All compost heaps create heat through the breaking down process of decomposition however due to the fact that this unit is fully sealed the heat builds up a lot faster and is a lot more intense. The Hotbins have a built in thermometer at the top and it is not unusual for the compost to get up to 70 degrees once you get the mix right. Niall Quickcrop
Asked By Jane Dick
on June 25th, 2019
Hi. Would this be suitable on a balcony? To compost for flower pots.
Answered by Niall
on June 26th, 2019
Hi Jane To be honest Hotbin have made this smaller unit specifically for demand from apartment owners and people with smaller gardens as a lot of people felt the larger one would take up to much space. Ideal for disposing of flower pot waste Niall Quickcrop

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Hotbin Mini Compost Bin (100 ltr)
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Hotbin Mini Compost Bin (100 ltr)
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