Falci Hand Forged Heavy Duty Garden Hoe

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    Falci Hand Forged Heavy Duty Garden Hoe

    I purchased the 800g version. It's quite good hoe, a bit light for heavy digging but much better than many of the mainstream hoes. I'm using it to take the grass layer off the lawn. The staff is particularly robust and tapered at one end to prevent the hoe from slipping off. Overall, I think it's great value for money. I'm docking a point as the product blurb on this website states "This hand forged, heavy duty garden hoe is from the Falci range of high quality, Italian made gardening tools". This is a lie as the sticker on the product says "Made in P.R.C." - I have no issue with items made in China provided they meet my threshold for quality, which this certainly has. However, that part of the blurb is false advertising misleading customers such as you and I.