Falci Classic Heavy Duty Garden Hoe

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    Falci Classic Heavy Duty Garden Hoe

    im 60 with a bad back I recently got an allotment and read that these type of tools were easier to use than spades. how right they were. I had been avoiding an overgrown part of the garden overgrown with nettles and worse of all suckers from a niegbours cherry tree. the ground was thick with roots etc. I thought I would try the tool out there. my god it cut through roots etc as if they were butter.(slight exaggeration) It was easy to pull them out using the wedging action of the tool. I cleared the area out in no time. I would be flat on my back if I used a spade.

    Simon Joseph

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    Falci Classic Heavy Duty Garden Hoe

    It's a good solid home, I found it to be well suited to the job, good price to.

    Barry Browne