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  • 84 cell seedling tray choose your own vegetable plug plants
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Vegetable Seedlings - Choose your Own - 84 Cell Tray

In a nutshell....

Please choose your vegetable plants by scrolling through the list below and clicking 'add' to make your selection. Plants are shipped in rows of 7, once all 12 rows are full your 84 cell tray is complete. To change a choice simply click 'clear' and add an alternative plant.


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Basil information


Bean Broad Masterpiece

Bean Broad Masterpiece information


Bean French Cobra

Bean French Cobra information


Bean French Dwarf Safari

Bean French Dwarf Safari information


Beetroot Chioggia

Beetroot Chioggia information


Beetroot Pablo

Beetroot Pablo information


Broccoli Calabrese

Broccoli Calabrese information


Broccoli Kabuki Dwarf

Broccoli Kabuki Dwarf information


Broccoli Purple SP

Broccoli Purple SP information


Cabbage April

Cabbage April information


Cabbage Cape Horn

Cabbage Cape Horn information


Cabbage Golden Acre

Cabbage Golden Acre information


Cabbage Red Drumhead

Cabbage Red Drumhead information


Cabbage Stonehead

Cabbage Stonehead information


Carrot Paris Round

Carrot Paris Round information


Cauliflower Goodman

Cauliflower Goodman information


Cauliflower Mini

Cauliflower Mini information


Cauliflower Romanesco

Cauliflower Romanesco information


Celery Tall Utah

Celery Tall Utah information


Chard Rainbow

Chard Rainbow information


Chinese cabbage

Chinese cabbage information



Claytonia information


Coriander Calypso

Coriander Calypso information


Corn Salad Vit

Corn Salad Vit information



Endive information


Florence Fennel

Florence Fennel information


Frilly Leaf Mustard

Frilly Leaf Mustard information


Kale (Curly)

Kale (Curly) information


Kale Italian

Kale Italian information


Kale Russian

Kale Russian information


Kohl Rabi Mix

Kohl Rabi Mix information


Leaf Beet Bulls Blood

Leaf Beet Bulls Blood information


Lettuce Butterhead

Lettuce Butterhead information


Lettuce Iceberg Saladin

Lettuce Iceberg Saladin information


Lettuce Lollo Rossa

Lettuce Lollo Rossa information


Lettuce Mesclun Mix

Lettuce Mesclun Mix information


Lettuce mini Cos

Lettuce mini Cos information


Onion Red Brunswick

Onion Red Brunswick information


Oriental salad mix

Oriental salad mix information


Pak Choi Canton White

Pak Choi Canton White information


Pea Greenshaft

Pea Greenshaft information


Pea Sugar Anne

Pea Sugar Anne information


Radish Cherry Bell

Radish Cherry Bell information


Radish Diakon

Radish Diakon information


Rocket Victoria

Rocket Victoria information


Runner bean Enorma

Runner bean Enorma information


Spinach Annual

Spinach Annual information


Spinach Perpetual

Spinach Perpetual information


Spring Onion Ishikura

Spring Onion Ishikura information


Sprouts Brigitte

Sprouts Brigitte information


Swede Gowrie

Swede Gowrie information



Sweetcorn information

Scroll plants to the right

How does this thing work?

It's easy! All plants in this tray are supplied in rows of 7.
Choose each row of plants by scrolling through the list above and clicking 'add' under your choice.

Your plant tray is complete when all 12 sections are filled with a photo.

If you change your mind about any of your selections click 'Clear' and choose another crop from the list.

For more information on each plant please click the blue 'i' button beside the photo.

To order your finished plant tray please click the yellow 'Add to Cart' button above.

Vegetable Plants - Fill Your Own Seedling Tray


84 cell seedling propagation tray filled with our carefully grown, 4 week old vegetable plug plants. You can fill the tray yourself, using the above plant picker tool, and choose the veg plants you want for your vegetable garden. These can be ordered at any time during the season; at the beginning for a 4 week head start, or during the season as a replacement for less healthy plants. 

We sow vegetable seeds from our Organic Iona range and carefully grow them in our polytunnels, once they are healthy young seedlings we dispatch them. When planted outdoors in Spring/Summer, Vegetable seeds take about 4 weeks to become healthy vegetable seedlings. If you plant some of our 4 week old vegetable plants at the same time of year then you are a month ahead which is important with our short, wet summers. This 84 cell plant tray will hold 84 healthy vegetable plug plants when we send it out, you can choose up to 12 different vegetables from a range of over 40. Each veg plant chosen will fill a row of 7 seedlings.

How It Works
Create your own custom selection of vegetable plants. The 84 cell plant tray is a modular tray with 84 cells for seedlings. Using our unique 'Choose Your Own' software above, you can fill the tray with 7 rows of 12 veg seedlings from our range of over 40 carefully grown vegetable plug plants. This gives you 84 healthy seedlings for the vegetable garden. Simply click the 'Add To Tray' button beneath the vegetable you want to add to your tray and a row of 7 seedlings will be filled in with it. Repeat this process until the tray is full. You can easily remove a row of plants from the tray by clicking the 'Clear' button at the top and each row can be easily moved around the tray by dragging and dropping to re-position. Having multiples of each plant increases the likelihood of success when it comes to harvest time.

If you'd like plant or growing information on any of your chosen vegetables just click on the info button that is on the vegetables icon. 

Range of Vegetable Plants Available

The vegetable plug plants available for the 84 cell plant tray change throughout the year to suit the seasons. Currently available is our spring vegetable selection, you can choose from any of the following: basil, beetroot, broad bean, broccoli - calabrese, broccoli - purple sprouting, cabbage - stonehead, carrot - paris round, kale - Italian, kale - russian, coriander - leisure, dwarf french bean - safari, leek - musselburgh, lettuce - mesclun mix, mizuna mix, pak choi mix, radish - short top forcing, chard - rainbow, cabbage - red rodima, rocket - victoria, spinach - perpetual, spring onion - ishikura bunching, pea - sugar snap, tatsoi oriental salad, turnip purple top, marigold, corn salad, radish - black spanish, claytonia, turnip - tokyo cross, oriental salad mix, endive - panacalieri, kohl rabi, swede - gowrie, runner beans - enorma, brussels sprouts - brigitte, cauliflower - aviron, celery - victoria, lettuce - mini cos, garden pea - greenshaft, spring cabbage - hispi, beetroot - chioggia, spinach - annual, radish - watermelon, chinese cabbage and land cress.

The range will be changed later on in the year to include our Autumn and Winter vegetable plug plants.

Contents: 84 Vegetable Seedlings (7 x 12 vegetables)

Write a Review
Mick O Connor
November 24th, 2017
We had a fantastic year on the allotment with the vegetable trays and tomato plants from Quickcrop, plugs were healthy and got results earlier and better. We will order again in 2018 , thanks folks for the stress free veg
Brid Burgess
September 03rd, 2017
They arrived in a very healthy state and are planted already. Thank you
July 07th, 2017
Arrived in perfect condition and on time promised
July 04th, 2017
Received the vegetable plants in excellent condition. Very good quality healthy plants
June 22nd, 2017
Very pleased with the variety and quality of the seedlings. The plants are doing great, healthy and strong 6 weeks later. Looking forward to eating them.
June 22nd, 2017
The plants were food. Unfortunately they were delivered with the box held sideways and one sweetcorn plant was broken, unusable, and a bean plant broken in two. Numerous other plants were displaced and lost some of their compost. They arrived the day after dispatch which was good.
June 06th, 2017
Glorious little plants. Said delivery was 10 days. Came in three. Keep up the good work lads
Brian Cantwell
August 08th, 2016
Excellent. Had a great crop of salads and herbs in no time at all !
July 02nd, 2016
100 percent happy with vegetable seedlings. Everything ready to plant with instructions for each and arrived in great condition at appropriate time for planting out. This is my fourth year with Quickcrop and plan to continue.
Lena Naughton
November 18th, 2015
Excellent selection of very healthy veg seedlings, the customer service was second to none!
November 10th, 2015
Great product, great service. Very impressed with the quality of the plants and the condition in which they were delivered ripe and ready to for planting. We've had 100% take on growth and would highly recommend Quickcrop to any weekend gardener or hardened professional. Love it!
RonanMac Con Iomaire
July 22nd, 2015
I left this review for a while so as to see how my seedlings would get on. They got on great! I have a steady supply of kale, spinach, salad leaves, beetroot, and the broccoli is on the way. Great delivery set up, great product Do I recommend them? I've just ordered another tray of vegetable plugs, and am looking forward to start on seeds in spring. A great way to get into vegetable gardening.
Clare Spainneach
July 20th, 2015
I was delighted with the seedlings - they arrived on time and were well packaged and very healthy. All of the plants have taken and are growing well.
david nowlan
June 03rd, 2015
They have shot up already. I did my own seeds many many many weeks ago but they still have not grow like the vegetable plant plugs were when they arrived.
January 18th, 2015
This was my first year growing vegetables and I am thrilled with the results. The plants when they arrived were in great condition and I had no problem planting or getting them to grow. If anything I found myself in the wonderful position of having to give salad and veg to friends and family as I couldn't use the amount I was growing. Absolutely addicted now and am planning my winter growing. Fantastic site, great produce and wonderful service. Am telling everyone I know. Keep up the great work.
Louise Quigley
January 06th, 2015
Just wanted to let you guys know that my plants that i got from you in the summer were fantastic and i am now fully addicted to buying plug plants. From you guys of course. I struggeled to get them out of the box until i figured it was best to just cut down the side. Well done. Keep up the good work
Elaine Burns
December 23rd, 2014
Hi Quickrop! This is my third year getting plants from you so I thought I'd better say hi! Is this review section new? I love your plant picker and am always happy with the plants. I'll never get round to growing from seed myself, this is just too easy! I'm soooo lazy! See you next year!
Shane Jackson
October 14th, 2014
I love this idea! So good for a beginner how you can click for information about the plants. Well done, a really well thought out website. Brilliant, love this.
Hannah Cleary
September 01st, 2014
The only problem I had was trying to pick what I wanted, well worth the money as I always forget to plant the seeds in time but you all do it for me every year!!Great and the trays look so pretty when they arrive.
Frances Page
August 20th, 2014
Top plants, quickly and neatly delivered. I ordered over the phone and was treated very well.
Ask a Question
Asked By Peter Williams
on February 16th, 2017
Hi In the past I have ordered from another supplier but have not been impressed with their quality of late. Question is, we live up in the chilly hills of North Wales and I wouldn't want to put plug plants into the ground until mid to late April. Can I schedule a delivery time slot within a week or two are plants sent out from late March regardless of location?
Answered by Andrew
on February 16th, 2017
Hi Peter. You can of course. Once you place your order just drop us an email through the website with the preferred date of delivery and we will oblige no problem
Asked By Sean
on January 30th, 2017
Hi. Am I right in thinking if I buy these now, I can plant right away I my polytunnel?
Answered by Andrew
on January 30th, 2017
Hi Sean. I am afraid we don't start sending out plants until late March.

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Vegetable Seedlings - Choose your Own - 84 Cell Tray
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Vegetable Seedlings - Choose your Own - 84 Cell Tray
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