10 Studs and Washers

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    10 Studs and Washers

    ideal for the job


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    10 Studs and Washers

    The black "screws" that these white washers plug onto are quite brittle, so take care if using a powered screwdriver to fix them as you may shatter them at the screw-hole with too much force.

    David Howard

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    10 Studs and Washers

    This product is not as pictured on the website nor as described in the video for constructing a mini-polytunnel. I have not yet tried to put the plastic on my tunnel as I am so discouraged that it is not as easy as construction looks on the video, since the method for putting on plastic no longer includes the black fastener in the video, onto which one should fit the washer. Now meant to just use a screw, and put washer over. I'm very disappointed. I re-ordered this product as I thought it was missing from my mini-polytunnel pack and was not informed that it is no longer stocked as they were not satisfactory. Hence I paid an extra seven euro for nothing, getting the second pack, without the black fastener I'd hoped for.