Vegetable Plug Plants Picker

Vegetable Plug Plants Picker

Spring Seedlings We are now taking orders for our mail order herb and vegetable plant trays. Our 'vegetable garden in a box' packs are shipped out from late April/ early May onwards (after the risk of frost has passed) and contain an army of young veg plants ready and waiting to colonize your garden. All our varieties come from our Iona vegetable seed range chosen by our expert growers here at Quickcrop . Both our herb plants and vegetable plug plants are produced organically with Klaasman organic compost and are not sprayed with any chemical plant feeds or pest control. The plants are all hardened off for at least a week before you get them so are ready to be planted out straight away. Our seedling boxes are specially designed to make sure they arrive in perfect condition and include a reuseable 84 cell seedling tray. As seedlings are a delicate item we also have a 'no quibble' policy where we'll send you another box in the unlikely event that your plants have had a rough journey. We have chosen varieties which we believe are a cut above the rest, have you tried beetroot 'Pablo' or Brussels Sprouts 'Brigitte', Spring Onion 'Ishikura Bunching' or Tomato 'Sungold'? We've perfected our growing over many years and know you will be amazed by the vigour, strength and taste of these and many more of our hand picked varieties. This really is an unusual selection with great care taken over our choices.

Seedling plug plants

Vegetable plug plants
Plug plants are baby vegetable plants started in our plant nursery.
  • Produced organically without any chemicals.
  • All varieties chosen by organic expert Klaus Laitenberger.
  • Young plants will establish quicker and be less susceptible to damage by slugs and other pests.
  • You will also be 4 weeks ahead than if you planted from seed which means you'll get more growing time from the season.
  • At between £7.95 and £34.95 it's a lot cheaper than buying a greenhouse or polytunnel to grow them yourself!
  • Very, very easy. We take care of all the tricky stuff leaving you with the fun bit.

vegetable seedling plug plants

Unique 'Choose Your Own' Seedling Picker. You can choose one of pre-picked vegetable plant trays or try our clever 'Choose your own' plant picker tool shown above. Simply select the vegetable plants you'd like from the menu and drag them into the virtual tray where they will automatically fill in rows of seven plants. Plants are ordered in rows of 7 with a choice of either picking a tray of 84 plants or a more compact tray of 42. We also have a 6 plant tray for larger plants like tomatoes, peppers, cucumber etc.. and a further herb 'choose your own' for a broad selection of culinary herbs. 6 Cell Choose Your Own Plant Tray £7.95 6 Cell Choose Your Own Herb Tray £8.45 42 Cell Choose Your Own Vegetable Seedling Tray £26.95 84 Cell Choose Your Own Vegetable Seedling Tray £34.95 The blue 'i' button beside the plant icon opens up our database on a separate page where you can view detailed information on how to grow your desired crop. Our database brings you through from seed to harvest in an easy to understand format and is supported by our extensive 'how to' video library.

Seedling plug plant information database

Once ordered you'll receive a special packing box bursting with vibrant baby plants. It really is the easiest way to start your spring vegetable garden. Almost foolproof!