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How to Germinate Seeds Successfully

A plant seed is created to grow and will perform that task admirably once given the opportunity. For successful germination seeds need a suitable growing medium, moderate moisture and warmth to sprout, and enough light and space to thrive.

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How To Grow Microgreens Indoors

Towards the end of summer and into autumn activity in the vegetable garden slows down as crops are fully grown and their fruit begins to ripen. Winter brassicas are bedded in till spring and the work demands ease off. Apart … Continue reading

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Making Home Pressed Apple Juice using a Spindle Press

If you have your own apple trees of any reasonable size you will know that despite your best intentions the only journey many of the apples make is when they fall to the ground. And stay there. You may also … Continue reading

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Raised Garden Ponds

Timber raised ponds can create a beautiful water feature centrepiece for your outdoor garden. With these kits you can have an instant garden pond in your garden, patio, or deck without the need for landscaping. They are great for complementing … Continue reading

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Top Ten Trouble-Free Vegetable Crops for Beginners

Our list of easy to grow vegetables all have a good chance of first time success and will give you the skills you need to expand your gardening prowess. Radish. These crispy salad vegetables are quick and easy to grow. … Continue reading

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Strawberries, The Versatile Fruit

Fruit trees and bushes are planted in the garden with the intention of remaining for the long term, providing produce for many years. In return for this supply of fresh fruit they require regular feeding, training, pruning and, in some … Continue reading

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Vegetable Growing in Late Winter

What kinds of things can you do in the garden at this time of year. It’s not quite Spring after all? Well, no, we’ve still a long way to go before we get to Spring. This time of year is … Continue reading

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How to grow blueberries and cranberries

Blueberries are high in antioxidants so widely regarded as a ‘Superfruit’ (whatever that is) but taking their health benefits apart they are also exceptionally tasty so well worth growing yourself. Also, given the price of shop bought blueberries I figure … Continue reading

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Quickcrop Vegetable Garden Plan

Raised bed vegetable garden plan. I include my 2016 vegetable garden plan below if anyone is interested in what I’ll be growing next year. My garden is now split up into long raised beds with gravel paths in between primarily … Continue reading

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Making Crop Protection Tunnels for Raised Beds

If you are thinking about building some raised vegetable beds to make you kitchen garden a whole lot easier to manage you might want to consider our revolutionary new raised bed joining brackets.

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