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Soil For Raised Beds

Raised Vegetable Bed Soil Volumes Our Raised vegetable beds come in all shapes and sizes and each has a different soil volume requirement. It is very easy to underestimate the amount of soil needed to fill a raised bed so … Continue reading

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Raised Vegetable Bed FAQ’s

Raised Vegetable beds are simple to make and easy to maintain; use this method and you can achieve a productive vegetable plot where heavy digging becomes a thing of the past. Q: What is the advantage of using raised beds? … Continue reading

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Square Foot Vegetable Gardening Using Timber Raised Beds

What is Square Foot Gardening? Square foot gardening is a method of growing vegetables which centers around planting crops in blocks rather than rows. The system divides the growing space up into a grid of square foot areas (hence the … Continue reading

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Why Use A Raised Bed For Vegetable Gardening? – Top 10 List

Our timber raised beds are the perfect way to grow vegetables in your garden orĀ allotment. This method makes growing your own so much easier for many reasons, here are our top 7 (I know it’s called a top 10 list … Continue reading

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