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Improving Your Soil

Planting Out Vegetable Seedlings

O.K., so you’ve managed to produce your own seedling plants or have bought in some promising looking specimens. You have hardened them off and are ready to put them out into your garden or in the case of warm climate … Continue reading

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The Spring Vegetable Garden, Looking After Your Soil.

You know when you meet someone at a party who you’ve never met before you have to try quite hard not to ask them what they ‘do’ to get the conversation going? Similarly it’s nigh on impossible not to ask … Continue reading

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Garden Tools – Chillington Hoes or Azadas.

Why are Chillington garden tools so good? A Chillington Hoe is the UK name for a range of very particular tools whose design goes back thousands of years, to a time when our ancestors first managed to tie a shaped … Continue reading

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Creating a Compost Trench

I’m not saying to forget about your compost heap, this is just another method and has its pros and cons. We still recommend using a compost bin from our fabulous range of products, see this method as another string to … Continue reading

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