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Plant Propagation From Cuttings

Plant propagation is creating new plants from existing plants, this can be done using seeds, bulbs, taking cuttings from existing plants, and dividing roots. Taking cuttings is by far the easiest way to propagate. The first step should always be … Continue reading

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Tips on sprouting or ‘chitting’ seed potatoes

As you can see from the image above our seed potatoes for this year have now arrived and are looking forward to going out to their new homes. We have the usual broad selection of varieties with the inclusion of … Continue reading

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Building a timber fruit cage in the Quickcrop garden

My weekend work for the last 2 weeks has been building our new fruit cage video location. The plan, as I think I mentioned in a previous mail, is to film a new set of videos showing how to plant, … Continue reading

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Planting fruit in October

Growing your own fruit has to be the easiest, most satisfying and most joyous gardening pursuit. Yes, I am delighted when I fork out some nice straight carrots or creamy skinned potatoes but do they compare with a mouthful of … Continue reading

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Fish for Small Garden Ponds

As you know the Quickcrop research bureau never sleeps. Our aim is provide you with the best products for your garden but also to back them up with plenty of useful information. If there is a meeting of relevant experts … Continue reading

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Homemade Beetroot Burgers Recipe

I do love the colour of beetroot, its glorious deep fuschia just makes me feel good looking at it. Add chickpeas, oil, garlic, lemon and some ground cumin in the blender and I still see that wonderful colour but I … Continue reading

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What to grow in the vegetable garden in September

What to sow or plant in September – it’s not too late! I have included below some good things to sow or plant out as vegetable seedlings in September. Most of the varieties mentioned are available as seed or as … Continue reading

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New Quickcrop Tulip Selection

This week sees a whole new departure for the Quickcrop team as we stick our pretty little toes into the wonderful world of flowering plants. It is not that we have fallen out of love with our vegetable garden and, … Continue reading

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Planting Garden Bulbs

Flowering bulbs are ideal for container gardening or as part of a vibrant garden border. They are one of the easiest plants to grow and with a little careful planning can provide a beautiful show of colour throughout the year.

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August Vegetable Garden Update

As you know my top priority is keeping you happy so when I noticed a sunny spell outside the office window I sped over to the Quickcrop garden to take some photos. I was concerned, you see, that you might … Continue reading

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